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Why Retreat with a Friend

Thinking about heading on a Bali retreat with a friend? Good idea! Here are the top reasons why sharing a retreat with a friend, family member or partner is an enjoyable and memorable experience with benefits that last long after your suntan fades!

Good Old Fashioned Fun

Let’s face it, sharing a retreat experience with a close friend is fun! From boarding the plane to jumping off at the other end ready and raring to go, you have someone to share the journey with each step of the way. Exploring a new land, trying new activities, splashing about in the pool, cycling around Canggu and enjoying a drink at the beach as the sun goes down are all experiences made better when done with someone you adore!

Why retreat with a friend? The Palm Tree House, Bali

Connect and Grow

No matter how much time you spend together in the ‘real world,’ a retreat allows you and your travel companion to spend quality time together. Away from other family and friends, job commitments, titles, hats and other obligations and responsibilities, you are both free just to be yourselves and enjoy this special time together. Travel in general has a special way of bringing people closer together. Retreats in general also have a unique way of helping us to let go of the things that don’t serve us, and to show up fully in life; more grateful, more open and more accepting of the people and events around us. This combination allows relationships to grow and deepen in long lasting ways.

Try Something New (and have a cheerleader!)

On retreat you have the opportunity to try a wide array of new activities and experiences. From taking to the waves with a surfboard, trying aerial yoga, exploring the island, trying out a Balinese healing session, climbing up volcanoes or even joining a meditation class- all of these things can push your boundaries or ask us to overcome some kind of fear within. Having a friend by your side means that you have someone to (literally or figuratively!) hold your hand along the way. You have a cheerleader there who can help motivate you and also high five you on the other side.

The ‘Gramable Moments

If you don’t put it on Instagram it never happened- right?! This point is a little tongue in cheek, however there is reasoning behind the benefit of having a friend their to capture all those Instagram worthy snaps of your retreat experience. If anywhere in the world was made for Instagram, its Canggu. The cute cafes, the epic sunsets, the rainbow meals, the vibrant nature, the smiling locals- everywhere you look is a picture perfect moment waiting to be captured. No need for selfies when you have your friend there to catch the shot for you! Head home with plenty of special images to pull you through until your next holiday!

Share the Expenses

Going on retreat with a friend means that you can lower the cost by sharing a room and sharing some of the other costs that may crop up over the week such as additional transportation or meals. Twin share rooms are always a lower price than private rooms, which can either make the journey more affordable, or leave a little extra spending money for additional massages, shopping or excursions!

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Sharing a Bali retreat with someone close to you is an experience that you will look back on forever. Life is short, and taking time out to experience new things, try something new, and spend time with those we care about really do matter. It’s easy to come up with reasons as to why it is simply too hard or not the right time, but in reality, we have to make time and prioritise these things if we do really want them to happen. Sometimes, planning a trip with a friend and having their support makes things that much easier. Trust us, after your first Bali retreat together, it may just become an annual adventure!

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