Why Choose Bali for your Yoga Retreat

We get it, there are lots of choices these days when it comes to selecting your destination for a yoga retreat. Bali may well be the pioneer when it comes to retreats in general, for not only was Bali one of the first regions to open up the retreat arena, to this day it remains one of the most popular choices for travelers all over the world. With other hotspots such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Hawaii offering many of the same alluring features as Bali, what makes this little island in the middle of Indonesia so perfect for a yoga retreat? Well, there are a few reasons…

Location, Location!

While Bali is a comparatively small island tucked neatly into the Indonesian archipelago, it has been welcoming travellers for a long long time, and logistically, that makes it an easy place to venture to and navigate around. The international airport in Denpasar enjoys direct flights from many capital cities around the world. Once in Bali, getting from here to there is easy and also safe, meaning it is a popular place for solo travelers on a yoga retreat, as well as families, couples and friends to venture to.

Bali Yoga Retreat

Spirit and Energy

The primary religion in Bali is Hinduism, and it is in fact the only Indonesian island to have held onto this religion over the years as the rest of the country converted to Islam. In Balinese Hinduism, there are many deities, and Bali is often referred to lovingly as ‘The Island of the Gods.’ You cannot help but be immediately swept away with the enchanting ancient temples and the culture, religions, and traditions. Religious activity and rituals still permeates almost every aspect of Balinese life and beautiful little offerings for the gods appear everywhere you look. The Balinese follow a philosophy that centers around 3 pillars: harmony among people, harmony with nature, and harmony with God. The beautiful energy adds a very special element to a Bali yoga retreat. Temples, shrines, incense and flowers are found in all yoga studios and add even more beauty and meaning to the practice.

Nature and climate

Bali is located about 8 degrees south of the equator, offering a tropical, warm climate all year around. No matter what time of the year you plan to head on a yoga retreat, you will be greeted with beautiful balmy weather. The island does have two distinct seasons- dry season and green season. The green season is when they experience the most rainfall, however even during this season there are still brilliant bursts of sunshine most days. With the combination of rain, sunshine and general humidity, Bali is a tropical paradise where nature simply thrives. From lush fragrant rainforests to dense rugged mountains to endless rice fields- the scenery here is striking and beyond breathtaking. Move out towards the coastal areas and you will be met with sweeping clifftops, long stretches of both white and black sand beaches and picture perfect surf breaks. For the nature lover or adventurous spirit, the island offers a plethora of fun activities- surfing, hiking, mountain bike riding, horse riding, diving, snorkelling, SUP, and pretty much anything else your mind can conjure! Many Bali yoga retreats take advantage of these activities and combine the retreat experience with things like surfing retreats, dawn volcano hikes, or sunset cycling through the rice fields. A yoga retreat in Bali is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of the island.

The people

The Balinese people are truly some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. Nothing is ever too much trouble and a smile will be gifted to you no matter the circumstance. The Balinese are gentle people; softly spoken, caring and considerate. While Western technology is very much accessible to the Balinese, you will still see the men outside playing games of soccer or playing a game of cards, and the women huddled in groups chatting and laughing or playing with the younger children. You will see the Balinese people still living a very traditional way of life; working in the rice fields or selling fruit by the roadside. The women are often beautifully dressed in colourful saris as they give their offerings to the Gods each day. The people and culture of Bali make it a wonderful place to experience, and the gentle nature and beauty of the people and their ways of life set a perfect stage for a yoga retreat.

The food

Ah yes, the food! Bali’s lush landscape and climate offers perfect conditions for food production. A lot of farming is also done traditionally and organic produce, organic cafes and organic markets are easy to come by. Over recent years, there has been a huge movement towards plant-based living and in the main hubs (especially Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu), there are a plethora of incredible cafes and restaurants that offer organic raw, vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Yoga retreats in Bali generally include a delicious healthy smorgasbord of food that is quite often the highlight of the retreat experience! Of course, there is also plenty of traditional Balinese cuisine on offer that is incredibly tasty and very reasonably priced. With such a diverse and eclectic mix of people and palates, you are likely to find every type of international cuisine represented. Bali is particularly known for its fresh seafood, coconuts and coconut products, cacao (chocolate!), tropical fruit, rice and palm sugar.

The yoga

Yoga has been fully embraced in Bali, and yoga studios, retreat centers, yoga clothing stores and even yoga festivals continue to spread across the island. The landscape, culture, religion and traditions all work hand in hand with the philosophy of yoga. Not only has yoga been embraced, it has been added to. Yoga fusions are common here, meaning that you can find yoga dance, yoga and meditation, yoga and surfing, yoga and tantra, yoga and music, and so much more. The abundance of yoga has resulted in an eclectic yoga community that is welcoming to newcomers and visitors to the island. Arriving in Bali is like having immediate family and friends around you, particularly if you are joining a retreat experience. With such great choice, comes a great selection of styles that span the traditional Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga classes, and merge into Vinyasa, Aerial yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Women’s yoga, and so much more. Bali hosts some of the world greatest International teachers and is a melting pot for all yogi’s, no matter where they are on their yoga journey. Yoga classes, evens and yoga retreats are also very affordable in Bali, making them a great choice for every budget.

Heading off on a yoga retreat to Bali may seem like a cliche to some, but the abundance of yoga retreats here is evidently for good reason! It’s not uncommon for people to return every year to experience the great deal of yoga on offer, to eat well, to enjoy spa treatments, to adventure someplace new and to spend time with old and new friends. There is a warmth in Bali, unrelated to the climate! While travel can often bring hardship or challenges, Bali has a tremendous sense of ease and flow, which makes it easy to carry your ‘yoga high’ with you throughout your retreat and beyond.

At The Palm Tree House, yoga is included in every package. yoga add-ons can also be included which offers even more opportunities to practice yoga both onsite in the villas and to explore the great range of styles, classes and teachers in the renowned studios of Canggu.

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