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Why Canggu is the Ideal Place for a Yoga Retreat

When you think of Bali, many idyllic images come to mind. Canggu (pronounced Chan-Goo), located on Bali’s southern coastline, offers stunning iconic landscapes, alongside a wonderful local community, world-class dining, plenty of boutique shops and spas, plus a fun eclectic atmosphere that attracts people from all walks of life. Canggu has really only made its mark on the tourist map in the last few years, and while it is expanding and developing quite rapidly, it still holds tightly to its traditional Balinese ways of life and culture. In Canggu, custom bikes, designer stores and dragonfruit smoothie bowls can be found right alongside pristine rice paddy fields, traditional temples and local children frolicking happily in the gentle waves. Once a sleepy town filled with rice paddy fields, there is now so much to see, do and explore in Canggu, that a week is barely enough! Luckily, Canggu is also small in size, so getting around and experiencing its best-of-the-best is easy.

Yoga Retreat Canggu Bali

Canggu is the ideal place to experience a yoga or wellness retreat. Whether you’re seeking action, relaxation or perhaps a mix of both, Canggu offers something for everyone. With its relatively small size and friendly atmosphere, it is easy to walk or ride around the town. Its terrific location also means its a great base to explore further afield. With warm temperatures all year round, a retreat in Canggu is possible any time of year. Even in the wet season (Dec-March) there is plenty of periods of brilliant daily sunshine, plus the town is a little quieter at this time, allowing you more space and tranquility.

Here are the top reasons why we think Canggu is the ideal place for a retreat:

The Beaches

Canggu is famous for its wonderful surf breaks and world class beaches. There are waves here to suit all levels of surfers- from beginners right through to world class professionals. If you’re not up for a surf, the beach is still the perfect place for a long walk, to work on your tan, or to sit back with a cold coconut and good book.

Staff Tip : Make sure you catch a sunset from Echo Beach! They are always spectacular!

The Shopping

Canggu offers a wonderful mix of high-end fashion stores, unique boutique stores, local beachside markets, homeware stores, yoga and ethical shopping and everything in between! Strolling along the various shops is always enjoyable and you are sure to find some bargains. Having said that, don’t expect a lot of the cheap gimmicky souvenirs you see all over Bali- Canggu really values quality and has diverse offerings when it comes to its shopping scene.>

Staff Tip : Try Uma and Leopold for fancy yet casual, Divine Goddess for the perfect yoga attire, and Wanderlust for that must-have bikini.

The Food

Vegan, Paleo, Pescatarian, Locavore, Gluten Free, Whole 30, FODMAP, Low GI, Carnivores… every palate and dietary preference is taken care of in Canggu! The health-conscious crowd has influenced a myriad of plant-based healthy cafes in the area whose instagram feeds are brimming with vibrant smoothies, rainbow salad bowls, jackfruit tacos and tempeh burgers! For those with a more paleo appetite or seafood lovers- there are also plenty of tasty options that focus on local and fresh produce. Of course, Canggu also values the flavoursome local cuisine that the island is known and loved for. To sum up- you will not go hungry whilst on retreat in Canggu!

Staff Tip :The Shady Shack for epic veggie food, Lacalita for the best Mexican this side of the hemisphere, Ji for divine sushi, and Warung Dandelion for all the best Balinese favourites.

The Community

One of the best things about Canggu is the beautiful and diverse community – both those on holiday, and also the people that call this area home. Canggu has a very eclectic expat community which has influenced the town in many ways- there are incredible yoga studios alongside funky art galleries, fashion stores alongside skate bowls, and international DJs alongside organic farmers markets. In Canggu there is also a strong local Balinese community that go about their traditional ways of life. You will pass by people working the rice fields each day, as well as people setting their beautiful spirit offerings out the front of their stores. Canggu is a mix of old and new, which makes it the ideal place to experience the best of Bali.

Staff Tip : Try the ecstatic dance that is on every Thursday at Samadi, or check out the local markets at Old Mans on the 4th Saturday of each month. The GuGuide app is also a great way to keep up to date with daily events around the ‘Gu (what locals call Canggu for short!)

The Wellness Scene

Canggu must have more yoga studios, juice bars, massage spas and crossfit gyms per square meter than anywhere else in the world! Wander around the streets and you are sure to see women in patterned yoga leggings, friends sipping green smoothies and cold coconuts in cafes, and rather fit looking males cruising about on their motorbikes! All levels of wellness and all levels of luxury are cared for; from wheatgrass shots to cold pressed coffee, from open air boxing rings to state of the art air conditioned pilates studios, from cheap local massage parlours to luxurious pampering day spas- healthy living comes easy in Canggu!

Staff Tip : We can’t go past our amazing spa therapist Antari for the best massages and Ayurveda treatments in Canggu! But the aerial yoga class at Serenity and the healthy shots at Motion Cafe are both worth experiencing!

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