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What is Revenge Travel? (and are you feeling it?)

After 18 months of restrictions, lockdowns and a multitude of various other set-backs, you’re likely feeling the desire to stretch your wings and experience the world again.

While people all over the globe are itching to travel freely again, the travel sector is also desperately waiting for tourism to get off the ground again as the impact of limited travel during the pandemic is showing its toll, especially on locations such as Bali that rely so heavily on tourism to keep their economy alive.

This pent-up demand has resulted in a new term that has been coined, ‘Revenge Travel,’ which is the strong desire to travel even more than before the onset of the pandemic. In essence, it’s about getting revenge on lost time and lost experiences and feeling robbed of almost two years of travel, adventure, seeing friends and family and experiencing new cultures and destinations. There is a growing impatience and urgency to get out and explore again freely. Think of revenge travel as a ‘sling shot’ back into the real world!

Perhaps you feel the same?

Sightseeing on retreat, Bali
What this forced travel hiatus has demonstrated though is that travel is no longer seen as something we simply ‘want’ to do or do for the sake of it. Travel is more than that; it is something that we need, that we crave and that we feel lost and agitated without.

We are certainly no longer going to take for granted that there will always be a flight tomorrow and an open border waiting to greet us. With the announcement of countries starting to re-open, it’s no surprise that all over the globe, people are busy jumping online and searching flights, scouring accommodation deals and rewriting their travel bucket lists.

There are a few main reasons why the majority of people surveyed are ready to embark on an adventure and have ‘revenge travel’ in the forefront of their minds as they make plans in the new post-pandemic world. Let’s explore what they are.

Why Revenge Travel?

A thirst for new experiences

Of course, travel is more than sunset cocktails and sleep-ins (although they are more than encouraged on retreat!) Travel opens our minds, it makes us more compassionate and understanding of one another, it allows us to experience new cultures and communities that stay in our hearts forever. As we look outwards at the world, we also look inwards in a new light. We meet aspects of ourselves or reconnect with ourselves in a way that only travel offers. The pandemic has demonstrated that it is experiences that bring us joy, not commodities, and as humans we are primed for diversity, new experiences and exploring this big wide world we call home.

At The Palm Tree House, we pride ourselves most on offering guests an authentic Bali experience. We take you off the beaten Bali track and into the real delights of Bali land, spirit and culture. We have an array of diverse traditional Bali experiences, activities and cultural outings. You can take a look at them in more detail here.

Ditching the 9-5 for ‘mobile offices’

Covid significantly changed the way that we work. With so many people now used to working from home, studies show that this flexible ‘work from home’ lifestyle is here to stay. With more freedom to work from anywhere, research shows that employees are now open to extended stays, traveling further afield, and looking for a more diverse range of accommodation where they can blend work with pleasure. If you can work outside of the office, why not do that on a tropical island, right?! Predictions are set in place for longer getaways and ‘workcations’ where daily emails can be answered with a fresh coconut in hand and a tantalising pool view. Best of all, businesses are finding that remote work is actually assisting in greater productivity and greater employee wellbeing; It’s a win-win.

At The Palm Tree House, we have beautiful air-conditioned spaces or open-air lounges where if you choose to, you can open your laptop and breeze through your inbox whilst getting a foot massage. With fast wifi and all your daily needs taken care of, a Bali retreat may just be the perfect place for that workcation you’ve been planning. Check out our beautiful range of villas and amenities here.

Making up for lost time

As mentioned above, all around the world people feel cheated of time and experiences. Revenge travel is a way to make up for that time and to do so by not only taking more trips than usual, but also by indulging a little more than usual. Studies are already showing that the average amount spent on a vacation has increased by around 30% since the pandemic. This indicates that we are eager to not only explore, but to embrace the good things in life. After being so restricted, many people feel that they deserve a special break, and we happen to agree!

On your boutique Bali retreat with us, you’ll be pampered from the moment you arrive… breakfast floating pool platters, blissful spa treatments, daily yoga and meditation, gourmet chef-made meals, cocktails or mocktails come sunset and so much more. With a variety of rooms and villas, you can choose to retreat for a very affordable price, or lash out a little and upgrade to a large private suite with your own flower bath. Check out all the rooms and start planning which one you’ll wake up in here.

Spending valuable time with people you love

Social isolation, social distancing, border restrictions- these have meant that many of us have gone without seeing friends, family and loved ones for long periods of time. Revenge travel is also about sharing the adventure with those you love. It’s about taking that bucket list trip that you and your bestie have talked about forever. It’s about spending time with the special people in your life in a memorable and significant way. With so much time spent connecting virtually over the last 2 years, people are also keen for in-person connection, meeting new people and enjoying being social again. Retreats, organised trips and family/friend/group holidays are set to be popular as we connect with people we love and meet new like minded people in safe and supportive environments.

At The Palm Tree House we love welcoming friends and family on a women’s Bali retreat. We even have a special offer available when you book one full priced retreat, you get the second retreat half price! Contact us here for more information and availability and start plan that trip with someone special.

Supporting Hard Hit Businesses and Communities

Despite the thirst for revenge travel, travel right now is also more thoughtful and taking a slower pace. People are no longer hopping between multiple destinations on one trip, rather they are interested in staying longer in one place and supporting local businesses and communities that may have taken a hit during the pandemic. People want to see these areas and businesses return to life again, so whether it’s making the time to visit a small local restaurant or a family-run shop, people are eager to support these special places.

Our staff are our family at The Palm Tree House and we are so proud to be a fully Indonesian-run Bali retreat. Our team are always a highlight of the retreat experience and our guests tend to stay in contact even after they leave! While we have kept on our full staff during the pandemic, they are eager than ever before to greet you with their huge smiles and traditional Balinese hospitality. Meet our amazing team here.

Quality travel over meaningless vacations

While in the past people have been happy to revisit the same cheesy travel destination and/or hotel over and over again, the pandemic has shown that with revenge travel, many people are seeking more quality experiences rather than cheap hotels and bintangs. We have come to treasure and appreciate life in new ways and have a thirst for meaning, connection and memorable experiences. Like anything in life, when something is taken away from us, we come to see it in a new light, and while people will certainly return to their most-loved destinations, there is also likely to be an uptake in people choosing off the beaten track destinations and staying in places where they can really immerse themselves in the location, people and culture.

We actually welcome many return guests to our boutique Bali retreats, but for good reason; no retreat is ever the same! With so many different retreat packages, retreat rooms and villas and retreat inclusions on offer, you can come dozens of times and always have a unique experience. Whether you visit us for the first or tenth time, rest assured your stay will be everything you’re seeking from your ‘revenge travel’ and so much more.

So, it seems that revenge travel is here to stay! The term may be a little tongue in cheek, but the essence of revenge travel hits home with many of us- we long to experience the big wide world again and make up for that lost time spent inside our homes or cities.

If you too are feeling that thirst for travel and are looking for a place that is safe and secure, offers flexibility and ticks all the boxes above, you’re sure to love a stay with us at The Palm Tree House. Book your boutique Bali retreat and experience the blissful tropical getaway you’ve likely been dreaming of for quite some time.

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