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Top 2020 Wellness Trend Predictions

So, what’s on the horizon for the world of wellness in 2020? A LOT! Discover the newest trends and also how we measure up at our Bali retreat as we dive into new ways to up-level your health in the new decade.

Digital Detox

We have quickly become a society obsessed with our phones and digital devices – so much so it’s proving to have a negative impact on our lives and our health. Stepping into the new decade, the desire and need to switch off and disconnect is becoming increasingly important. Experts suggest that 2020 will see a rise in people looking to detox from their phones for the sake of their general wellbeing and mental health. Digital detox retreats, boundaries around time online and apps to help us monitor or lessen our time on our devices are all set to soar in 2020. On our Bali retreat, we always encourage guests to be aware of their online time and really utilise all the amazing experiences on offer. Although wifi is available, we find that guests enjoy the opportunity, or even the excuse, to log off and reconnect with themselves and the wider world. This can also kickstart a healthier way to start new routines around your device use.

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The healing power of nature is becoming a key focus point as modern-day life has moved so far away from nature; we work in offices, we get around in cars, we spend our evenings indoors watching the latest Netflix series and so on. So much so that doctors have started to prescribe time in nature to people with anxiety and depression. This concept – known as ecotherapy – refers to any outdoor activity which positively impacts our health or wellbeing, and is set to be a key trend in 2020 and beyond as we reconnect with our natural landscape. Just 20 minutes in nature a day is enough to radically boost your wellbeing, as well as improve mood and decrease stress. On our Bali retreat guests have copious ways and opportunities to get out into nature, from surfing to cycling, or even just lounging by the pool in the tropical gardens and strolling around Canggu. Bali is a natural paradise and it’s easy to feel the effects of nature here.

Blue Mindfulness

Blue Mindfulness refers to how water-based activities can positively impact our physical and mental health. Activities such as swimming, surfing, sailing or simply walking beside the ocean or water can help to decrease stress and improve our mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. Similar in many ways to Ecotherapy, Blue Mindfulness is set to become a huge trend for 2020. This trend also involves a focus on sustainability and ways in which to protect our precious oceans so that we can benefit from their healing powers and ensure that our seas are clean and safe for many generations to come. On our Bali retreat we love introducing guests to the joys of surfing, and with the beach just down the road, its easy to take a swim or even just sit on the shore and watch a sunset. We also do what we can to limit our plastic usage and use environmentally-friendly options and alternatives whenever possible.

Plant-Based Options

Whether it’s a meatless burger, faux eggs, or vegan fish, 2020 is set to be the year of plant-based meat alternatives. While companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are well known now, we can also expect to see a variety of new products and brands enter the market. These options are becoming increasingly accessible, both in supermarkets and in the restaurant and cafe scene, as eateries and businesses rise to meet the growing demand. Again, this trend is both influenced by the public looking for healthier options and also with concerns around meat production, environmental damage and climate change. On our Bali retreat we offer many plant-based meals and can always easily meet vegetarian and vegan needs for our guests’ preferences. We do offer small amounts of chicken and fish which are locally-sourced. Our kitchen team loves being creative with Bali’s fresh produce, and plant-based options are always delicious and substantial.

The Need for ZZZs

Now considered a public health epidemic, sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on our health in numerous ways. Over the past year, wearable technology that tracks sleep has been on the rise. Sleep is now being addressed by more categories in the health and wellness space than ever before. In 2020 we can expect to see more blue-light blocking glasses and screen protectors as well as mood-boosting light bulbs that can also help you wind down and wake up. Additionally, gyms and health spaces are hiring ‘sleep coaches’ to help people combat sleep issues. Sleep retreats are also on the rise with dedicated programs to assist people struggling from insomnia and its effects. On our Bali retreat, we love offering our guests dedicated sleep sanctuaries. Each bedroom is air-conditioned, with comfortable beds and linen to ensure a great night’s sleep. Lavender essential oils, pre-bed flower baths, herbal teas and pre-slumber massages are also available.

Lymphatic Health

The lymphatic system has the job collecting excess liquid in the body, filtering out nasties like cellular waste, bacteria and pathogens, and returning the healthy liquid back to your bloodstream. In the past few years, we’ve seen a rising awareness of just how important this system is for reducing inflammation and preventing disease. In 2020, new treatments and spa offerings will hit the mainstream and “lymphatic health” will become a wellness buzzword. On our Bali retreat, we offer an effective treatment called Lymphatic drainage massage, which stimulates the lymphatic system and removes toxins in a safe and effective way. It is a popular treatment that is both enjoyable and incredibly effective and also supports weight loss as well as detox.

Efficient Mini-Workouts

In 2020 you can expect to see a proliferation of shorter workouts which will make it easier to fit sweat sessions into jam-packed schedules. Streaming platforms are also leaning into the less-is-more mentality and offering more workouts that are generally 15 to 20 minutes long. Gyms and fitness studios are also catering to this need for quality over quantity in sweat sessions, with a plethora of functional fitness classes geared around 40 or 45 -minutes durations. These short and effective workouts are easy to fit in to your day and studies repeatedly show that they often offer better results and benefits than longer, less intense workouts. On our Bali retreat, our fitness package offers a range of unique fitness workouts. Sessions are generally an hour long, but also incorporate the functional fitness and crossfit-style of workouts that are both popular, enjoyable and highly effective.

Valuing Downtime

More and more, we’re starting to understand and accept that chronic, prolonged stress—while common—isn’t normal. However, the increased pressure to be switched on and on the go 24/7 is set to shift in 2020. We are starting to accept that downtime is both essential and also productive, and that stepping away from work is actually beneficial in the long run. While the modern glorification of being busy has held strong over recent years, burnout is set to take a back seat in 2020 as we start to prioritise our wellbeing and find ways to de-stress and unwind. Of course, on our Bali retreat, the concept of slowing down and prioritising rest, relaxation and rejuvenation is key. While there are always numerous options and activities available, we always encourage guests to tune in to what they really need, and often, this is rest! Gentle yoga, meditation, spa treatments and plenty of pool time are great ways to embrace the slow lane!

Longevity Over Anti-Ageing

For years, we have focused on lotions and potions and even surgery to hide the ageing process. Slowly but surely that’s all changing. Collectively, we’re posting more makeup-free selfies, engaging in more positive self-talk, and valuing the changes we go through (especially as women) throughout our lifespan. While modern medicine has helped extend life span, now we are beginning to focus on improving the quality of those in those extra years. In 2020 the focus is less on preventing ageing or signs of ageing, and more on supporting our health and longevity as we move through all stages of life. On our Bali retreat we love welcoming women of all ages and always focus on celebrating life and the changes we go through as women. Our retreats are inclusive and we love to approach wellbeing from a healthy, natural and sustainable viewpoint to assist guests to thrive ,no matter what age they are.

Well, it looks like there is much on the horizon for 2020! Are you ready?!

If you would like to experience some of these exciting trends and see how they can benefit your health and lifestyle, join us this year for a Bali retreat! With no set dates and 7-day retreats starting from only $1,495 USD there is no reason not to treat yourself to a life-enhancing escape in paradise. Contact us today for more information.

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