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7 Tips for Retreating With Your Bestie

You workout together. You sip your matcha lattes post yoga class side by side. You text one another the moment you wake up each day. You know everything about one another- likes, dislikes, favourite food and one another’s ‘good side’ for taking selfies. Guess what- this doesn’t mean that travelling together will be a breeze. You may love your best friend to pieces, but this doesn’t always mean that the way you live independently co-exists with ease when you are travelling or on holiday together.

If you’ve always dreamed of taking a trip or heading on retreat with your best friend or even your sister or another family member, don’t be alarmed! This isn’t a warning sign not to do it! These are however points to consider and communicate about before embarking on that plane!

We are all unique, and just as our likes and dislikes vary, many aspects of the way we like to travel or holiday are likely to be different. Maybe you love sleeping in on holidays. Maybe you adore splashing out on luxury while away. Perhaps you are simply not interested in seeing cultural sites or historical points of interest in new countries.

Bali retreat with your bestie
Maybe you love trying local food. Perhaps you snore on the plane, are quick to anger when plans go askew, or like watching videos on your phone before falling asleep. The things we love and the habits we have take on a different significance when they impact another human being.

If you have a trip planned with your bestie, or love the idea of taking a retreat with someone in your life, consider these top tips to make sure your adventure really is the exciting, fun, fulfilling journey that you imagine it will be.

Discuss Your Retreat Goals Before the Trip

Perhaps you are really looking forward to a week of relaxation and rejuvenation, while your friend has set her sights on visiting, exploring and instagramming every possible thing to see and do in Bali! Despite sharing the desire to enjoy a retreat, you may find that your goals for the retreat are vastly different. Getting clear on your goals and expectations prior to take off will mean that you can both get the most out of your time away and support one another in doing so. With so many options available on retreat and the help of a great team, no matter how different your goals are, it will be easy to meet them.

Talk Numbers

Travel comes with costs, and seeing as finances can be a touchy subject at the best of times, make sure you have a conversation about what finances will be shared and who will cover what. Getting a taxi to the airport, sharing meals while you are out and about, or paying for the flights so you make sure you sit side by side – these are all things you will want to be on the same page about. Chat about how you will split costs so it is easy and stress-free. On retreat, some of our shared-room options for friends come with one room that is a little larger than the other. This is also something to check in about so you are both clear and everything feels balanced and fair.

Make the Most of Your Shared Time

A retreat with someone you adore is one of life’s greatest experiences. Make the most of this time and really allow yourselves to have fun and indulge in everything open to you. This doesn’t have to mean being extravagant. Watch a sunset with a cocktail in hand by the ocean. Try new things together that neither of you have tried before. Experience new flavours as you enjoy meals together. Spend hours simply lazing by the pool and sharing your thoughts. You have most likely spent a lot of time planning, so make sure you take the time to really enjoy it.

Make the Most of Your Solo Time Too

We all need time to ourselves. On retreat, taking time out for yourself is essential, both to recharge and also to do the things that you really want to do that your friend may not be interested in. Perhaps you have a Bali bucket list of things to tick off when you arrive. Maybe you’re looking for a more healing getaway with plenty of spa treatments and healing therapies. Or maybe you are keen to make the most of your extra gym pass and hit the gym each morning. One of the most special things about going on retreat is the opportunity to reconnect to yourself and enjoy some solo time – so don’t miss out on this, even if you are traveling with someone else.


While we already mentioned the necessity of communication before you arrive on retreat, keeping the communication channels open all through the week is also important. You may find that when you arrive on retreat your plans or goals change. Many women arrive with a plan to do and see everything on offer, only to realise that what they really need is some serious relaxation time! Most often, issues arise in relationships when there is lack of clarity or expectations are made. Communicating where you are at is the best way to ensure your retreat flows with ease and understanding. Have a little check in each morning over your breakfast as to how you are both feeling and what you wish for the day to look like so that everything remains clear and easy.

Flex Your Patience Muscle

If you have done any form of travelling before, you will know that even the most carefully laid plans do not always unfold as intended! In Bali, things can often roll in their own time, or at the least can be very different to what you may be used to back home. Patience is one of the greatest virtues of travelling. When you are travelling with someone you know and things go wrong, it can be easy to play the blame game or say something that could potentially cause a disagreement. Remembering to be patient and seeing the light and humour in things will make your journey so much more enjoyable! Often these are the times we look back on and laugh at for many years to come.

Be Supportive

While you may have booked your retreat with some fun and relaxation in mind, retreats have a way of bringing things to the surface. You may find that on retreat, you or your friend end up going through some emotional or turbulent times. Being supportive during a retreat is so important. While we all process emotions differently, you or your friend may need a little extra space, or a few extra cuddles! Transformation is a key element of any retreat experience, so respect one another’s journeys. In a physical sense, being supportive may also mean cheering one another on in the surf or patting one another on the back when you hit your fitness goals. Ditch the competition and genuinely enjoy supporting each other as you learn, grow and shine through the week.

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