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Everything To Know About Tarot

What is Tarot?

Everyone has a unique opinion about tarot- whether they ‘believe’ in it, whether they want to try it, or if they think it’s just for spiritual people or those who are easily susceptible to suggestion.

However, there is much more to tarot than you may realise.

Whether you’re looking for some clarity on a relationship, insight into that promotion at work, or wondering if that business idea is a good one, it might be time for you to try a tarot card reading.

Since the 15th century, people have turned to the tarot deck for guidance on what their future holds. Getting your tarot cards read can help you to answer questions big and small, so your path is equipped with insight and intuition.

Experience Tarot on retreat at Palm Tree House
Simply put, tarot is a manifestation of your intuition. It is an ancient tool of divination used to connect with your intuition, your spirit guides, and your soul. Tarot is a way to bring what is in your subconscious mind into your physical reality.

Tarot is simply a medium to get closer to your truth and clarity.

Tarot is the storybook of our life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.

Every spiritual lesson we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life.

It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind and tap into the wisdom (and answers) that lives in us all.

Tarot is perfect for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, coaching others, planning a business, meditating—you name it. The cards will give you instant access to your inner wisdom and the answers you need.

What Exactly Is a Tarot Deck?

The traditional 78-card deck is represented by two major groups: the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards.

The Major Arcana represents the karma in life and the spiritual lessons that cross our paths to help us reflect and grow. You want to pay attention to these cards because they are going to carry an important, more urgent message – whether that be positive or shifting. Think of the Major Arcana as the Hollywood A-list celebrities (known as the trump cards) of the deck. The Empress. The Lover. The Devil. The Fool. The structure of human consciousness. A reading with many trump cards is powerful and can suggest that the situation in question is out of your hands and is left to ‘fate.’

The Minor Arcana reflects life’s daily trials and tribulations and how to navigate them with grace and ease. The Minor Arcana contains four suits traditionally represented by pentacles, wands, swords, and cups – each with their own connotations and meanings.

How Does Tarot Work?

The cards themselves are not magic, nor is the person reading your cards a magician. The magic is within you and the cards are just a way to converse with your higher self or your subconscious self.

Tarot is all about intuition. It is a way to quiet the mind, tap into the soul and speak through the heart. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always receiving messages from spirit, ether, the universe, our guides etc. However, it is sometimes difficult to tune into these messages with the distractions of life. Listening and tuning into these more subtle realms of life don’t always take priority, even though they have plenty of meaningful information to share.

While many people believe that Tarot will tell you the future, making predictions are not really what Tarot cards are about.

When it comes to Tarot, fortune-telling is out, and intuition is in, especially if you want to create your ideal future and manifest your goals. Pulling a card can help us better see the path we are on now and where it is leading us.

The most powerful way to read the Tarot is to use the cards to access your intuition and your inner wisdom. From this place of inner power and wisdom, you can discover how to make positive changes now so you can manifest your goals and your dreams in the future.

Everything comes down to energy and tarot is no different. The power of the mind is incredible, and when the mind takes a backseat to your intuition, incredible things begin to happen.

The only rule in reading tarot is to have an open mind and listen with your heart, not your head. Don’t get attached to what you think a card means, be open to the wider message it offers and feel into it.

What to expect in a Tarot reading

While you can learn to use tarot cards in your daily life, one of the very best ways to experience tarot, especially for the first time, is with a professional tarot card reader.

It can feel daunting at first perhaps to bare your thoughts and soul to a stranger! SOme people also feel apprehensive about what cards they will pull or what the cards will mean or suggest. Some people for example are fearful of the death card, when in reality, the death card is really just a powerful symbol of transformation and change.

Here are some tips to prepare you for your tarot reading.

Come open-minded

It’s easy to be sceptical of any wellness practice that doesn’t have a whole lot of scientific backing. The practice of tarot is designed to be a guideline for roadblocks in your life and can be interpreted in a way that positively directs you. Allow your reading to empower you. Take what resonates with you and leave behind anything that doesn’t. Focus on the information that you can utilise and that makes sense to you.

Be specific on what you want to gain from the reading

Come to the reading with some specific scenarios in mind on what you’d like to gain clarity on. You can ask things like, “what is holding me back from the relationship I crave?” or “should I move into a new career path?” The more specific your question, the easier it is to apply the meaning of the cards to what you’re going through.

Let go of fear over a ‘dooming reading’

Don’t be fearful of being warned about an impending disaster! There is no such thing as a “bad reading.” Every reading is unique and every card has different interpretations depending on your unique situation. If you are unsure about something or feel fearful about anything, simply ask and have your mind put at ease.

Bring a journal or record the reading on your phone

Insights from your reading can be powerful and healing, but they can’t help you provide direction if you don’t remember them. Instead of trying to ingest the information at the speed of light, your tarot reader won’t mind if you take notes or record the session. It will only help, not hinder, your experience. It’s also fascinating to go back to later down the track and see how things unfolded.

Do it regularly

The more often you pull your cards, the more familiar you become with the lessons to be learned from each reading. From acquiring your own deck and learning the way of the tarot to getting monthly or quarterly readings from a professional, it’s essential to stay in tune with your intuition and the divine forces at play.

Luckily for us, tarot has seen a huge resurgence in more recent times and it is no longer seen as exclusive to an alternative crowd. If you feel drawn to have a tarot reading, or get your own deck and start to play with them, lean into that feeling. You only have benefits to gain, so stay open and see what unfolds for you.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Tarot?

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We would love to support you to become the most radiant, whole and healthy version of you.

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