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Top 5 Life Lessons That Surfing will Teach You

The surfing retreat package is one of our most popular Bali retreat options, and for good reason!

There really is no better place to come and learn how to surf, or avance your current surf skills, than with a surf retreat in beautiful Bali. Warm water temperatures all year round, great surf beaches for all levels, and plenty of experienced instructors make Bali a mecca for those keen to try surfing.

While the experience of surfing is an absolute blast in and of itself, surfing also offers a lot of really interesting lessons that can be applied to daily life.

Just like many of the lessons of yoga are designed to be taken off the mat, so too can the experiences on your surfboard benefit you when you are back on land.

Let’s explore some of the top life lessons surfing can teach you.

Surf Retreat Bali

Top 5 Life Lessons That Surfing Offers:

Get back up again

Probably the most obvious one! Whether you are brand new to surfing, or even if you are an experienced pro, falling down is part of the game when it comes to surfing. Surfing reminds us of our childlike enthusiasm for life, and perhaps you can remember (or if you have children you will know this too), kids are resilient. When we are young, we have no issue with falling down and getting back up again and giving something a go. Our egos become a little fragile as we get older and we tend to either not try things, or give up on them if we aren’t ‘good’ at them. Surfing takes you back to that childlike state where falling down only means you have another chance when the next wave rolls around. Its a great reminder that we all need in daily life- we can’t get better at something if we dont keep trying!

Patience is a virtue

Ah, good old patience. Perhaps a quality that we can all do with a reminder of from time to time! We live in a world of instant gratification. We want something and we can have it, with the click of a button- we get food delivered to our door, can buy anything we like from anywhere in the world and find out information at rapid speed with one click of google or quick chat to Siri. Sure, there are great advantages to this, however, we very seldomly need to wait and be patient. When surfing, mother nature is in charge! Every single day is different in the ocean- even an hour can make the ocean change dramatically! You have to learn how to be patient for good days of surf, and for the next wave to roll in. This gives you a chance to enjoy the still moments, to embrace the limbo, and to trust that what you are waiting for will be worth it.

Stay in your own lane

While there technically aren’t any lanes as such in surfing, you do need to remember to stay in your space and to also keep your eyes on your own journey. Surfing requires full presence, especially at the beginning. While its very advisable and safe to be aware of what’s going on around you, it’s also important to focus on your own ride, rather than trying to check out what anyone else is doing. Surfing has etiquette and unspoken rules which means everyone gets their turn and no one gets a surfboard in the eye! In life, we can benefit from the same types of behaviour; knowing and respecting what is happening around us, but focusing on our own life at hand. In a world of social media we are forever criss-crossing lanes, checking out other people’s lives and comparing them to our own to see how we measure up. Surfing is about coming back to basics and remembering that where you are right now is perfect.

Find your balance

Ah balance, that illusory concept that we are forever seeming to chase! Finding balance in life isn’t always easy, nor is it easy when you’re standing on a surfboard with salty waves pushing you through time and space! Surfing reminds us that keeping balance requires constant presence and awareness. On the board, you are constantly micro-adjusting your body weight as the wave carries you so you can keep on your feet. In life, we sometimes become too rigid and inflexible, which makes the ride of life that much harder. To keep balance, we need to be versatile, rto roll with the punches and to pivot when we need to. With balance comes presence, which is another rather illusory concept in modern day life when we are constantly looking backwards, planning the future, or immersed in a digital world. Surfing reminds us of the joy that comes with being in the present moment and that balance on the outside requires balance on the inside.

Enjoy the ride

We saved the best lesson to last! So often in life we put terms on our happiness; I’ll be happy when I get that promotion, I’ll be happy when I lose 5 kilos, I’ll be happy when I’m in the perfect relationship. Happiness can only ever exist in the here and now. When you’re catching a wave, you’re not making a mental grocery list in your mind or going over the email from your boss you got that morning. You are 100% in the moment. Like we said above, surfing awakens that childlike thrill in us all and offers such a great adrenaline and endorphin rush. You’ve patiently waited for the perfect wave, you’ve applied the technicalities that you know to manoeuvre the wave and stand up, now all that’s left is to make the most of every second. Surfing reminds us that the rides are short, but there is always more to come. In life, instead of waiting for the weekend or some kind of vision of the perfect future, the key is to really enjoy the small moments. Every single day offers us blessings to be grateful for. And the more we embrace those moments of joy, the easier they find us.

Are you ready to try surfing?

There’s no better place than Bali to experience surfing plus all of its incredible benefits and the great additional life lessons you are bound to learn! Our boutique surf retreat is a women’s only surf retreat in beautiful Canggu. You will enjoy private or semi private lessons with our experienced surf instructors you are with you every step (and stroke!) of the way. Combined with yoga classes, delicious meals, beautiful private accommodation, spa treatments, Bali culture and Bali adventures, there is no better way to experience surfing that with a surf retreat at The Palm Tree House.

Find out more about our Bali Surf retreat package here.

We would love to support you to become the most radiant, whole and healthy version of you.

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