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Your Essential Bali Retreat Packing List

Your retreat is booked. Your flights are paid for. You’ve taken time off work and cleared your schedule for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat in Bali. Now the big question- what to pack?!

The good news is, Bali has a warm climate all year round, so you wont need to worry about any winter woollies taking up valuable packing space. On your Bali retreat at The Palm Tree House, there is certainly no dress code! We want you to be you and to be comfortable. A Bali retreat is an opportunity to enjoy taking time out just for you, so don’t fret about having to rock up in Bali with the best lululemon activewear or fancy poolside kaftans (of course, if you want to, go for it!)

Below we are sharing with you what you will realistically need on your Bali retreat packing list. The other good thing to keep in mind is that Canggu also has everything you need. If you happen to forget anything, or if you arrive and decide there was something you left behind that you would like. Canggu has plenty of shopping options, which may also mean you may like to leave a little room in your suitcase for things that are not on your Bali retreat packing list!

Your Bali Retreat Packing List:


Likely one of the most important things on your Bali retreat packing list will be activewear and yoga wear. All Palm tree House retreats have yoga included, plus many of the packages such as fitness, yoga and Pilates also have active movement sessions. Opt for things that keep you cool and comfortable as you workout/practice. You’ll want to feel supported and above to move freely. Bring along a range of yoga pants or bike shorts, crop tops or psortbras, tank tops or singlets. If you’re someone who loves lounging in active wear (who doesn’t?!), you may want to bring a little extra for the non-sweaty sessions too!

Beach/Pool wear

Bali is a tropical island, so essential items on your Bali retreat packing list also includes clothing and swimwear for the beach and for the pool. Our Bali retreat is a short walk to the beach and also has a beautiful large swimming pool that you have unlimited access to. At retreat we have towels for guests, but you may like to bring along another towel or a sarong for the beach if you plan to go. Bring along swimwear you feel comfortable in and don’t forget the sunscreen! If you are joining us for a Bali surf retreat, we provide you with rash vests to wear.

Casual comfy clothing

Most of the retreat outside of your active classes, simply bring along clothing you are comfortable in that is suitable to the warm climate. Even the nights are warm so you don’t need anything thick at all. If it rains, we do have umbrellas for you to use if needed, but we have drivers on hand to take you around Canggu and on your trips around Bali. We suggest simple dresses, shorts or skirts and singlets- anything you usually like to wear. Most of your time will be spent in your yoga or active classes, by the pool, enjoying yummy food or in spa treatments! For shoes, you may want thongs/flip flops/sandals and runners if you are doing the Bali fitness retreat.


Don’t feel like you need to wear makeup on a retreat! You can if you wish, but we find most women enjoy simply being able to be free and natural, especially in the warm climate too. We provide body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and moisturiser. You will just need to bring anything else. You may want to bring sunscreen and perhaps any bug repellant if you are susceptible to mosquitos (there aren’t many at all but in case you are sensitive). We have first aid on site too as well as sanitizer if you need any.


Your Bali retreat room is air conditioned so you can sleep soundly. Bring along any pyjamas you would normally like sleeping in in the summertime.

Drink Bottle

Water is available on retreat for you to refill bottles. You may like to bring along your own water bottle for this or you can also buy water and water bottles around Canggu.


We encourage guests to pop a journal on your Bali retreat packing list as it comes in handy for anything you want to note down or any emotions, realisations, ideas or inspiration that come to you on your Bali retreat. You may also like to bring a book with you for those lazy afternoon pool sessions! Its a great way to switch off and also leave your phone in your room and enjoy catching up on some reading! We do have magazines on retreat if you would like some relaxed reading material too.


Don’t forget to bring along any chargers you may need. We do have wifi that you can easily access on your Bali retreat. You may want to bring along a kindle or a camera- whatever tech you like to use, feel free to bring along. Everything is very safe on retreat. Your room is private and will be cleaned by our trusted housekeeping team who have been with us for many years. You may also find that you are so busy enjoying Bali, you may not need to bring to many gadgets along with you!

Important documentation

Most important to have on your Bali retreat packing list is your legal documentation. You will need your passport, flight details, bank cards or Indonesian currency and vaccination status. You may like to print out the dossier that we send you so you have all those details on hand. Our drivers will be there at the airport to scoop you up and take you directly to your Bali retreat the moment you arrive.

Ready to start packing?!

Well, that’s about it for your Bali retreat packing list. Of course, if there is anything that we haven’t mentioned that you want to bring, please feel free. We can also organise laundry for you on your Bali retreat if you need. And remember, in Canggu it is also very easy to pick anything up, just ask our friendly team if you need something specific and they can point you in the right direction!

We cannot wait to welcome you on your Bali retreat with us. Contact us here for to find out about availability or check our Bali retreat packages here.

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