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10 Reasons to Join a Palm Tree House Retreat

Let’s face it, there are a lot of retreats out there! In Bali alone, there are literally hundreds of places you can go and enjoy a week of yoga, healthy food and lovely accommodations in beautiful surroundings.

However, we know that The Palm Tree House offers something pretty extra special. In just over 6 months of opening our doors, we are now at #3 of almost 400 retreats in Bali on TripAdvisor! How incredible is that?

Every week we are so touched and blown away by the lovely reviews that we get from past guests who have gotten so much out of their Bali retreat.

So, what is it that sets The Palm Tree House apart from all the rest?

Let’s take a look.

Nourish and Connection on retreat, Bali

The Yoga

Yoga is included in every Palm Tree House retreat. The yoga classes are offered in our beautiful villas, each one having their own unique yoga space that allows you to practice in the beautiful open air and amidst the sounds and aromas of nature. Our full time yoga teacher is exceptionally experienced and makes yoga accessible for everyone. We have welcomed guests on retreat who have never done yoga before in their life, as well as advanced practitioners, and almost every guest states yoga to be a highlight of the week. We use the best yoga mats and props, have small class sizes (no more than 6 people) and also finish each class with filtered water, herbal tea and bliss balls. Every age and every ability is easily catered to and your yoga teacher spends the whole week right along side of you to help you advance day by day. If you’re really looking to dive into a full week of yoga, the yoga package also includes additional passes to some of our partner yoga studios in Canggu where you can explore a whole range of yoga styles, teachers and classes.

The Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are also included in every retreat at The Palm Tree House. We know that spa treatments are an absolute luxury and not only are they incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable, they have a plethora of benefits for body, mind and spirit. On retreat there are over 20 treatments to select from, ranging from various styles of massages, to body scrubs, hair masks, facials and more. Our therapists are highly experienced and love pampering guests with care and intuition. Each Palm Tree House villa has a beautiful spa space, or treatments can be enjoyed in the cool air conditioned comfort of your private room. We also use the best quality, natural ingredients and hand-blended products to make sure you look, feel and smell divine! For even more spa time, you can book additional spa treatments or select from our unique Ayurveda treatments, beauty treatments, or specialized services such as weight loss treatments and lymphatic drainage massage.

The Location

Canggu is an incredibly special part of Bali. It offers you absolutely everything you are looking for in your Bali holiday- beautiful beaches, iconic rice fields, great boutique shops, amazing healthy cafes, beautiful day spas, an eclectic community, world class beach bars, plenty of yoga studios, co-working spaces and the best part- everything is within an easy walk or cycle away! Canggu is relatively small, so it can be explored enjoyably on foot. We also offer bicycles for all guests, and can often use our fun golf buggy to transport guests around where possible. Canggu is a very safe area and there is a great mix of travellers, locals and expats. Everything is easily accessible- there is plenty of healthy food options, good chemists and clinics, and shops that range from very upscale boutique clothing and homewares to beachside markets selling handmade jewelry and body products. You can always find live music in the evenings if you’re up for a dance, or a yoga nidra class if mellow is your style. Everyone who visits this slice of paradise falls in love, and we know you will to.

The Villas

Each Palm Tree House villa is unique, however they are all beautiful, comfortable and the ideal home away from home for your Bali retreat. The villas have 5-6 private rooms with private ensuite bathrooms (except for a couple of shared options for friends), all of which are beautifully furnished and have everything you need for the perfect stay. All of the villas are in a wonderful location in Canggu, just down the road from the main beach and close to plenty of shops and cafes. Each villa has its own beautiful pool and pool area for you to relax in, and plenty of cool indoor space, and sunny outdoor lounge areas to enjoy. The villas all have their own large kitchen where meals are made by your in-house cook, as well as living rooms or media rooms if you’re looking for a quiet place to chill or to watch a movie! Security is posted at all villas to ensure you feel safe during the evenings. Fast and reliable wifi is available in all areas, there are also magazines, books and DVDs for entertainment. The bathrooms all have hand-blended spa products for you to use during your stay, and fresh clean towels and bedding is all included, as well as daily housekeeping. We’ve thought of everything so that all you have to do is arrive!

The Staff

You only have to jump on our TripAdvisor page to discover that what really sets The Palm Tree House apart is the staff. No matter which villa you stay in, you are sure to fall in love with the team that is on hand to care for you during your Bali retreat! Every single member is meticulously selected for not only their skills, but also their dedication, passion, friendliness and true desire to make every guest feel right at home. We go out of our way to make you feel like family from the moment you arrive. Each villa has a terrific team of housekeepers, butlers, hosts, cooks, drivers and security. Guests adore the fact that the team feel like family and that they really are a special part of the retreat experience. Many guests stay in touch with the team, send us photos to share, and look forward to their return trip again to reconnect. We welcome many solo travellers who always state how safe, cared for and at home they felt thanks to the beautiful staff, and we pride ourselves on this unique element of the retreat.

The Food

Speaking of highlights! We take food seriously at The Palm Tree House! Our team of cooks absolutely adore going out of their way to make mealtimes a celebration. Meals are made fresh with locally sourced and organic ingredients. Expect a mix of delicious traditional Indonisian dishes, as well as plenty of Western favourites and healthy takes on old classics. Dishes may include Nasi Goreng, Jackfruit Tacos, freshly caught seafood and abundant vibrant salads. Daily breakfasts include freshly cooked pancakes, eggs made to order, chia seed puddings, vibrant smoothie bowls, fresh tropical fruit, different granolas, toast and spreads, and fresh juice, coconuts, tea and coffee. With our surf, yoga, Ayurveda and fitness package, almost all meals are included. There are several meals that are left open that allow you to explore the incredible array of cafes and eateries around Canggu! Staff are happy to offer suggestions or even help you to order meals in if you don’t feel like heading out. Afternoon snacks, filtered water, tea, coffee, post yoga snacks, and movie snacks are all available to enjoy. You won’t go hungry! You will leave feeling enlivened, energised and with your cells dancing with radiant health!

The Surf

Canggu is famous for its incredible surf conditions pretty much all year round. Our surf retreat package cater to all levels of surfers, from those who have never set foot on a board, to those who already have some experience in the waves. Our instructors are highly experienced and professional, and also a lot of fun- they will help you to feel safe in the ocean, and also have an amazing time with plenty of laughter! Most of our surf guests are standing up on waves after their first session, and with one on one instruction, you have plenty of time to learn and advance your skills over the course of the week. 4 surf sessions are included in the surf package, but private classes can also be booked anytime, no matter your retreat inclusions. Learn how to surf in Bali’s beautiful warm friendly waves and learn a skill that will bring great joy to your life for many years to come! The surf package also includes plenty of yoga and massage, which helps you to balance out your adrenaline-fueled surf sessions with plenty of zen time also.

The Culture

One element of The Palm Tree House that is unique and that we really pride ourselves on is the focus on culture. The retreats are led by our amazing Indonesian team and they love sharing an insight into their culture and lifestyle with guests. Every week there is the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Balinese ceremony and learn how to make traditional Balinese spirit offerings. There is also the option to enjoy a sambal making class with the cook in the kitchen. The staff are always on hand to share a little bit of the Balinese language with you, provide answers to any questions about life in Bali, and offer any advice when it comes to things you wish to see and explore whilst on the island. Bali is a magical place and the people and culture are truly beautiful and fascinating. We love giving guests an insight into this during the retreat week.

The Sightseeing

Every week-long retreat at The Palm Tree House includes two wonderful, full-day excursions. One is to the spectacular beach side town of Uluwatu where you can visit the famous Uluwatu temple which rests on huge cliff tops over the ocean and has plenty of friendly monkeys about to greet you! In Uluwatu you can also explore the beaches, enjoy a special lunch and take in this famous seaside area. The other day trip is inland to the beautiful town of Ubud. Ubud is known as the healing capital of the island and is filled with beautiful terraced rice fields, waterfalls, temples, markets, shops and cafes. There are a few options to choose from depending on what the group is interested in; you may explore the famous Monkey Forest, experience a traditional water blessing at Tirta Empul temple, wander through the rice fields, have a sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi, or explore the old market and shops. Guests love these day trips and the opportunity to see and experience more of the island. The trips are run by our own private driver in our own air conditioned transport complete with water and snacks to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. Of course, the day trips are optional, but we do find guests are excited to join the journeys and always get a lot out of them.

The Connections

We can’t really take credit for this one! One of the best reasons to join a Palm Tree House retreat is the amazing women you will meet during your stay. We welcome many solo travellers, and the retreat allows you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of time on your own, but you also have the company of other like-minded guests on hand. The retreat numbers are kept small, with a maximum of 7 women at any one time, which makes it a lovely way for guests to connect and get to know one another. We find that many guests form lifelong friendships and take away so much from this special time. Meal times are a lovely chance for guests to meet and chat about their days. Every guest has their own unique schedule and can customise their retreat as they please. However many guests do enjoy spending free time together, or venturing out to explore Canggu together. Again, there is never any pressure to socialise, but we do find that the women on retreat have a lot of fun – no matter age, nationality, what they do or why they are there, the groups always find plenty in common and enjoy sharing parts of the journey side by side.

Well, those are just 10 reasons to join a Palm Tree House retreat! We can think of many more! If you have any more questions about what your Bali retreat will be like, please simply get in touch and chat to our team. We look forward to welcoming you to paradise.

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