Quiz! What Palm Tree House Package Suits Your #RetreatGoals

Ready to come on a Palm Tree House Retreat but unsure what package is perfect for you?! Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Take the quiz below to discover which package meets your personal #retreatgoals

1. What is the first thing you throw in your suitcase when taking a holiday?
a. Your favourite yoga pants
b. Your favourite bikini
c. Your running shoes
d. A good book

2. If you’re planning a catch up with a friend, what is your ideal date?
a. An outdoor yoga class followed by smoothies
b. Time at the beach and frolicking in the ocean
c. A hike in the National Park
d. Chai tea and chats at your favorite cafe

Bali Retreat Packages

3. If your best friend was to describe you in one word, they would say
a. Balanced
b. Adventurous
c. Go-getter
d. Loving

4. If you could go to one place in the world (other than Bali of course!) where would you go?
a. India
b. Hawaii
c. Brazil
d. Italy

5. What animal do you most resonate with?
a. Monkey
b. Dolphin
c. Cheetah
d. Cat

6. If there was one quality you would like to have more of, it would be:
a. Calmness and inner peace
b. Courage and the ability to go with the flow
c. More motivation and get up and go
d. More intuition, balance and centeredness

7. When 3pm hunger calls, you’re more like to grab…
a. Kale chips
b. Acai bowl
c. Energy bar
d. Turmeric latte

8. Your ideal time to get up on the weekend is…
a. 7am
b. 8am
c. 6am
d. 9am

9. Your goal on a Bali retreat would be to:
a. De-stress, unwind and find balance
b. Try something new, test your boundaries, have fun
c. Get in shape, develop new healthy routines
d. Find inner clarity, nourish your body, mind and soul

10. What magazine are you likely to pick up in the airport before your flight?
a. Yoga Journal
b. Surf Girl
c. Women’s Health and Fitness
d. Breathe

Well the results are in!

Mostly A’s- Yoga Package
Mostly B’s- Surf Package
Mostly C’s- Fitness Package
Mostly D’s- Ayurveda Healing Package

Visit our package page to read more about the different inclusions for each retreat type. Keep in mind- if you already love yoga or you already are a keen surfer, maybe you want to flip this questionnaire upside down and try something completely different! You can always customise and add-on to you retreat too, for example, you can add a surf lesson, PT session, Ayurveda healing or extra yoga classes to any retreat. That way, you can try a mix! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so we can help you plan your dream Bali retreat at The Palm Tree House.