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Q&A With Our Senior Pilates Instructor

This year we introduced our new Boutique Pilates Retreat in Bali at The Palm Tree House. This week we chatted to our senior Pilates instructor Pia who leads the Pilates classes in the luxury, air-conditioned Reformer Pilates studio here in Canggu. Find out how Pia got into Pilates herself and what she loves most about the practice.

Our Pilates retreat package includes a range of mat, Reformer and barre Pilates sessions in order for you to experience to full range of options that the practice offers. Combined with yoga classes, delicious meals and plenty of spa pampering the Pilates retreat is ideal for those looking to strengthen and lengthen the physical body, as well as calm and center the mind.

Pilates is the perfect practice for women of all ages and can complement other physical activities as well as assist you in general day to day life. Our Bali Pilates retreat is the ideal way to introduce yourself to the practice, or to deepen and expand upon an existing practice. Pia is highly trained with extensive experience which makes the classes incredibly effective and also plenty of fun too.

Pilates Retreat Bali
How did your own journey with Pilates begin?

My Pilates journey began in 2008 when I discovered Classical Mat Pilates in Austria. I was recovering from a snowboarding injury and immediately fell in love with the practice as I experienced a therapeutic transformation in my body straightaway.

Where did you train and what are your qualifications?

In 2009 I was certified as a Classical Mat Instructor with “Power Pilates” in Austria. I began teaching regularly and opened my own boutique home studio.

After years of instructing mat classes, I completed my comprehensive training with The Pilates Standard in 2017.

I have participated in workshops specialising in the Classical Method with 2nd-generation instructors and master teacher trainers Siri D. Galiano, Jean-Claude Nelson, Tiziana Trovati and Eric Carlovich.

How did you end up teaching Pilates in Bali?

In 2017 I left my traditional office job to pursue my passion and began traveling through Europe and Asia to teach in different environments. I have shared Pilates in Austria, Spain, Italy and Sri Lanka. While on a surfing holiday in 2018, I was offered the resident Pilates Instructor position with COMO Uma Canggu. I love Bali for the local culture, easy-going people and world-class waves; the decision to stay was easy!

What are some common transformations you see in students?

Each Pilates practice focuses on balancing the entire body. The Pilates physique is sculpted and a beautiful proportion as students strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, the lower and upper back, the glutes and the arms.

What is one benefit of Pilates that people may not be so familiar with?

Pilates enhances self-esteem as posture improves, practitioners feel strong, flexible and elongated as they develop better proprioception, awareness of the movement and position of the body.

Is Pilates suitable for everyone?

Yes, absolutely. Pilates is appropriate for every age and body type as the machines support and challenge all levels, from beginners to athletes. Practitioners quickly achieve amazing results at any age.

What is the best way for people to continue with a Pilates practice post-retreat if they don’t have a local studio? Are there any great apps or platforms that you recommend?

I enjoy using the platform Pilatesology for Classical Pilates and Pilates Anytime for Contemporary Pilates.

Our new boutique Pilates retreat is the ideal way to try Pilates or advance your current practice. Train with Pia in a luxury, air-conditioned Reformer Pilates studio with state of the art equipment.

Join us today for a fun and refreshing Pilates Retreat during your stay in Bali! We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your memorable and transformative retreat in paradise. Find out more here or contact us for more information.

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