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Packing Essentials for your Bali Yoga Retreat

Bali is very warm and tropical so you won’t need to bring big bulky clothes to your Bali retreat. Here are some things that may come in handy: several swim suits, sunscreen, hat for sun protection, a dress for a night out, flip flops, beach towel, yoga or active clothes and personal toiletries. We provide bath towels, all surf, yoga, fitness and spa equipment.

You’ve booked your Bali yoga retreat, got your flights organised, you’re counting down the days until you arrive in paradise- but what do you need to pack?! Going away on a retreat or traveling to a new destination can usually result in overpacking as you squeeze in those last minute ‘essentials’ that you are positive will come in handy at some stage of the journey! Luckily, Bali is relatively easy to pack for, mainly because it is generally the same temperature all year round! While there is a wet and dry season, temperatures remain warm throughout the year, so you certainly won’t need any bulky winter clothes! Before you sit on your suitcase in a hopeful attempt to close the zip, read onwards to find out everything you will need (and not need!) for your upcoming Bali yoga retreat.

Bali Retreat packing essentials


As previously mentioned, Bali is known for its beautiful tropical climate and your retreat clothing is best to consist of shorts, tops, tanks, singlets, skirts, and simple summer dresses. Opt for comfort- Bali has a very laid back atmosphere and you don’t need to dress up! You want to feel relaxed- you’re on holiday after all! Perhaps pop in one or two nice things incase you decide to go out in the evenings. Make sure you bring a couple of swim suits as you will certainly use these between the pool and beach time. Depending on what you plan to do on your Bali yoga retreat, you will want to have a range of active wear on hand- comfortable and breathable clothes that work for yoga or fitness classes. While there isn’t a laundry onsite in the villas, there are small laundry shops nearby if you do wish to have laundry done for you- laundry services have a turnaround time of 48 hours and cost around $7 for a medium sized bag, and your items will come back smelling beautiful, ironed and neatly folded! Otherwise, just bring enough to make it through the week. A pair of running shoes, flip flops and a nice casual pair of sandals should be all the shoes you need.

Sun Protection

Yes we love the Bali sunshine, but you also want to be prepared- no one likes to spend their holiday looking like a lobster or feeling uncomfortable! Make sure you bring your preferred suncream, a hat and sunglasses, If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to also bring some light long sleeves shirts or a kaftan that you can throw on when you are in direct sunlight.

Simple Essentials

Make sure you also have your everyday essentials like underwear, pajamas, and your usual toiletries. At The Palm Tree House you are provided with lovely towels which will save you room in your luggage! The humidity in Bali has different effects on different people- it can dry your skin out, or leave your hair frizzy and extra voluminous! Make sure you have what you need to feel comfortable. You may not want a lot of makeup whilst on retreat, do bring a good deodorant and wet wipes are always a great travel companion! Having a small shoulder bag to carry your essentials like money, phone and the like is handy, or a more medium size bag (like your plane hand luggage) can be good for the full day excursions or trips to the beach.

The Important Things

Perhaps this should have been number one on the list! Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Most countries are granted 30 days in Indonesia upon arrival at the airport so most travelers don’t need to be concerned about getting a visa beforehand or a visa on arrival. For more details and a list of countries, view this link here. If you are coming from the countries on this list you won’t need to pay any arrival or departure fee. Also have a copy of your insurance, as well as your banks cards and money. It is easy to get cash out in Canggu at ATM’s but different banks will have different fees. You may want to look into getting a travel money card from your normal bank before leaving to prevent you getting over-charged. It’s a good idea to have a photocopy of your passport and license too just incase.

It’s a Tech World

While you may want your time on your Bali yoga retreat to be more of a ‘digital detox,’ we also understand that you want to stay connected to loved ones back home, and also capture your retreat through happy snaps that you can share to Facebook or Instagram. If you’re more the latter than the former, don’t forget your chargers and an adaptor suitable for Indonesia. Wifi is available at all of the villas so you are welcome to use phones and laptops as you please. You can pick up a Bali SIM card for your mobile phone from most convenience stores in Canggu if you want to be able to make calls from your phone, or you can always just use wifi.

Added Comfort

You want to feel comfortable and at home in your beautiful villa, and while we have tried to think of everything you will need to make sure stay perfect, do feel free to bring things that you like having on hand or you know will help you feel more comfortable- this may mean essential oils, mosquito repellant, hand sanitizer, ear plugs or eye mask, a lovely sarong, your favourite snacks, music you want to listen to etc. At The Palm Tree House your lovely bedroom is fully air conditioned and beds do have beautiful mosquito nets for added comfort. The villas are also fogged and coils are used by housekeeping to reduce mosquitoes.

Stay Entertained

Your Bali yoga retreat will offer you a plethora of activities to keep you occupied as you please. If you have any extra time between your yoga or fitness classes, surf lessons, massages, treatments, excursions, shopping and pool time, feel free to bring any books, magazines, a journal- or anything else you would like to fill in spare moments with. If you’re really looking to focus on a more relaxing stay, having a few enjoyable things to do by the pool or in the air conditioned comfort of your villa can be quite nice. Each villa does have a range of books, dvd’s and magazines, as well as water, tea, coffee, snacks and fresh fruit. The villas also have wonderful quality yoga mats and props, and all fitness equipment and surf equipment is provided. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat or surfboard if you prefer. Most important is that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your stay.

Hopefully, you feel a little more prepared and organised now! Do keep in mind that you can often find everything you need in Canggu- so if you do forget something- don’t sweat it! There are wonderful clothing stores that sell everything from yoga clothing to beautiful dresses. The small mini mart shops and chemists have all your essentials. There isn’t too much that you will have trouble finding. If shopping is one of the things you would like to do whilst in Bali Canggu also has many of the stylish boutique stores that Seminyak has such as LuLu Yasmine, Magali Pascal, Wanderlust Swimwear, Uma & Leopold, Palma and more. It also has many fun little surf shops, gorgeous yoga wear stores, homeware boutiques and also weekly markets that have a range of great local and international wares.

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