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We’re Dispelling The Top Yoga Myths

We’re Dispelling The Top Yoga Myths that may be holding you back from yoga…

The world of social media can lead us to believe that the only people who practice yoga are young flexible females! Luckily, this isn’t the case at all. As yoga continues to infiltrate the modern world, more and more people are coming to the practice, meaning that a regular studio class is likely to have a very diverse mix of people from all walks of life. At The Palm Tree House, we love having a mix of genders, ages and experience in all of our classes, and our teachers are all proficient at catering the classes to suit this varied demographic.

Oftentimes we find that when we have newcomers come to class, they admit that despite wanting to join a class for some time, their ideas around the type of people who practice yoga had been holding them back from setting foot in the door.

The great news is- yoga is for every body.

Read on as we dispel the most common myths around yoga that will leave you feeling much more at ease about going to that yoga class or yoga retreat!

We dispel the top 5 yoga myths | Bali Yoga Retreat
Yoga Myth #1: You Have to be Flexible to do Yoga

This is possibly the most common myth of all! However, yoga is designed to help you improve flexibility, and therefore, it does not assume that you already possess a wide range of motion in your body. Keep in mind that the reality is, every human body is different and capable of a unique level of flexibility and movement. You certainly dont need to be able to touch your toes in order to attend a yoga class! A consistent yoga practice will help you to improve your flexibility over time. Tight hamstrings? Stiff shoulders? Even more reason to get along to class!

Yoga Myth #2: Yoga is For Young People

Switch off your instagram feed and pop into a regular yoga studio and you will see that classes are generally a mix of all age groups. Unfortunately, a lot of yoga advertising displays young, slim, active women, yet in reality, yoga really is for all age groups. Yoga is in fact a perfect practice as you progress through life as it supports you exactly where you are at. Yoga will keep you feeling healthy, subtle and strong- a great reason to maintain your practice the older you get!

Yoga Myth #3: Yoga Isn’t for People with Injuries

If you are suffering from an injury or recovery from an injury, you may feel weary of yoga. However, studies have shown that yoga is a wonderful way to assist recovery. If you have general body pain or discomfort commonly caused from modern life, then these common issues can be greatly assisted with a yoga practice. If you partake in a lot of cardio or weight training, yoga can also be a terrific addition to your routine and help with flexibility, mobility and recovery. Of course, be mindful of your injury and also alert the teacher of your injury so that they can help you modify poses where necessary.

Yoga Myth #4: You Have to Have the Right Yoga Clothing

Good news- practicing yoga is best done in clothing you feel comfortable in. Something slightly fitted yet loose is perfect to allow movement and breathability. Simple leggings, a comfortable t-shirt or singlet and supportive undergarments are all you need. Don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune on expensive yoga clothing in order to come to class. Remember that at its core, yoga is about non-judgement, so go as you are.

Yoga Myth #5: You’re Going to Stand on Your Head

This is very unlikely- especially in a yoga class at The Palm Tree House! In general in any class, you are never going to be forced to do a pose that you do not feel comfortable doing or have experience with. Advanced poses do not form your average yoga class and certainly are not representative of a beginners yoga class. If you never do a headstand in your entire yoga journey, it makes absolutely no difference at all.

Yoga Myth #6: You Will Have to Chant or Om

Every yoga studio and teacher is different and will bring different elements to the class. At The Palm Tree House our teachers will generally end the class with ‘namaste’ which means, The light in me recognises and bows to the light in you.’ You are welcome to say namaste in return, or not! We also often have beautiful music on while the classes are running. Yet rest assured you will not be required to sing at any stage! We think chanting is a beautiful part of yoga, but we understand it isn’t a common part that most people are comfortable with. We understand you are there to simply enjoy your practice and your comfort is most important.

Yoga Myth #7: Everyone Will be More Advanced Than You

Everyone is on their own journey when it comes to yoga. Chances are in any yoga class there will be a mix of students who have been practicing for a different durations. At The Palm Tree House our teachers will offer modifications for poses which allow all levels to practice alongside one another. If it is your first class, rest assured our experienced instructors will be right there to help guide you and modify where needed. If you are still a little uncertain, feel free to chat to the teachers before or after class with any questions you have. If you are a more advanced practitioner looking for more challenge in classes, you can also chat to your teacher. One of the best things about yoga is there is no final point, no ending, its just a journey and everyone is at their own pace and place.

Are you ready to try yoga?

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We would love to support you to become the most radiant, whole and healthy version of you.

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