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How to Create a Morning Routine

While morning routines can tend to be a buzz word in the wellness world, it is for good reason. Setting yourself up with some positive routines to start your day has scientifically been proven to assist with your productivity and mood. On our Bali retreat, the day tends to start off early- be it with a yoga class, a surf lesson, or a personal training session. Starting the day with an activity that physically wakes up your body and also releases endorphins (those happy hormones) makes for a much brighter start than hitting the snooze button a dozen times!

Whether you are a morning bird that leaps out of bed with the first ray of light, or if you reluctantly crawl from the covers towards the coffee machine each day, having a gentle morning routine can do wonders for you. We find that after retreat, many guests return home with new healthy habits and routines that they too integrate into their daily lives.

Morning routine Bali retreat

You may have an hour to yourself at the start of the day to really develop a routine that sets you up. Or perhaps, and maybe even more realistically, you have 10 or 15 minutes where you can take a few moments for yourself before commitments and responsibilities set in. If you often feel frazzled when you leave the house each day, take a look below at a few of these suggestions and create a routine that works for you. This is just a guideline and every day or week can be a little different depending on your needs and obligations.

Don’t underestimate the benefits that a good morning routine can offer you! When your own cup is full, it is far easier to give more to others, more to your work, and more to the world around you, and inspires you to step into the world with clarity, strength and confidence.

Create your own morning routine with some of our suggestions below:

Move your body! Upon rising, it’s a great time to wake up your body with a little movement. Try a nourishing yoga sequence, go for a gentle run, take the dog for a walk or do some form of activity that you enjoy.

Drinking a large glass of water upon rising is one of the best ways to wake up your system and get your digestion moving. You can add a squeeze of lemon to your water which will also help to alkalise your body. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue, brain fog and headaches and this is easily preventable by keeping your water levels up upon waking and throughout the day.

Wake up your skin! A natural cleanser or exfoliator is the perfect way to ensure you start the day with clean, fresh skin. Choose a simple routine with natural and ethical products. Try adding a drop of essential oil to your morning shower such as peppermint or lemongrass- this is a beautiful way to wake up your senses and set the mood for the day ahead.

Try putting on some music in the morning or read a favourite quote for the day ahead. Training your mind to focus on the positive things in life is a powerful technique and these little moments of optimism and connection will help pull you out of any early morning slump!

Gratitude is a little of a catchword these days, but its power cannot be questioned. Take a moment to find three things that you are grateful for each day. They may be tiny- I am grateful that I have clean clothes to wear today, I am grateful that the sun is shining, or I am grateful for the people in my life right now. This practice has the power to change your way of thinking- give it a try.

Start to incorporate a meditation practice into your morning. It can be five minutes while you are still in bed (try sitting up though to prevent you falling back to sleep) or it may be 20 minutes in your favourite sunny morning place. Simple focus on clearing your mind and letting all thoughts go. This is a practice you can use throughout the day whenever you start to feel anxious or stressed. Starting the day with this simple practice is a powerful way to ensure you step into the world from a tranquil and clear space, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Start yur day with a few really big deep breaths. Feel your belly rise and fall and with each exhale and let go of negativity and stress. You may find yourself smiling after a few of these! Most of the day we tend to shorten our breathing without even realising. Having full deep breaths not only calms your entire system, it also helps with digestion, helps to ward off fatigue, and grounds you in the present moment.

Don’t skip breakfast! Make the time to enjoy a nutritious and tasty breakfast- try whipping up a green smoothie, slather some avocado on wholegrain or gluten free toast, dollop some coconut yogurt over fresh fruit or have some oats soaking overnight ready to be topped with your favourite superfoods. This will kick start your digestion, sustain you for the morning and prevent you from reaching for less healthy options come mid-morning!

Try switching your morning coffee for a cup of herbal tea. Coffee is very stimulating and the caffeine crash is often more debilitating than the initial burst of energy it offers. Try a nourishing herbal brew that will ground your nervous system and keep you clear and focused for longer. The ever-popular turmeric latte or matcha latte also make a great coffee substitute if you’re looking for an easy and delicious way to make the switch!

Are you a list-maker?! If your head is buzzing from the moment it lifts off the pillow try jotting down a list each morning that will keep you focused without the fear of forgetting anything. Studies have shown that people who set lists or goals each day are far more likely to achieve these goals than those who do not write them down.

Try and avoid social media for at least an hour after waking. This is a tip that is becoming more commonly shared by health and wellness professionals. Try not to check your emails from bed or fall into the rabbit hole of social media the moment you open your eyes. Keep in mind- the less time you spend on social media in the morning, the more time you will have for your self care routines instead!

Of course, you don’t have to incorporate all of these into your morning! Choose one or two or three that really resonate with you and give them a try. Switch them up from week to week and see what works best for you and how these routines help you to feel and function throughout the day.

If you are looking for a way to kick start new healthy routines in daily life, join us for a wellness retreat in Bali! Choose from a yoga, surf, fitness or Ayurveda retreat designed to help elevate your health, boost your mood and inspire you to live the life you have always dreamed of. Check our package page for more information or send us a message to check dates and availability!

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