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Matcha, Mango & Avocado Smoothie Bowl

Canggu has many remarkable defining characteristics: gorgeous sunsets, great surf breaks, boutique shops, healthy eateries, indulgent spas, picturesque rice fields, live music nights and an eclectic community of smiling local Balinese people, holiday makers and creative expats. Another defining characteristic of Canggu is its popular smoothie bowls!

You will find these delicious bowls of goodness at just about every cafe you visit. With the abundance of fresh tropical fruit, coconut, cacao, cashews and other incredible natural foods that are native to Bali, these smoothie bowls are the perfect meal or snack and are as delicious as they are healthy.

They offer a great way to cool down on a hot day, re-fuel after a surf or yoga class, and are 100% instagramable, which of course is important when you are in Canggu!

Get a taste for the tropics with this delicious bowl that you can make at home. We love making smoothie bowls for our guests on retreat too- you may just have to stay with us and try them for yourself.

Matcha Mango Avocado Smoothie Bowl


1 medium ripe banana (frozen works best!)
1 small ripe mango
½ a soft avocado
1 good handful of leafy greens such as baby spinach
¼ teaspoon of orange zest
1 teaspoon of Matcha powder
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
½ cup of your coconut milk

Chop up your banana, mango and avocado and place them in a blender with the remaining ingredients. Blend on high until smooth and creamy. Pour your smoothie into a bowl and top with:

1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon of coconut shreds
Fresh fruit to garnish
Or any toppings of your choice!

Ready to try these delicious smoothie bowls, plus the rest of our incredible vibrant cuisine on your own Bali retreat?! We take food seriously at The Palm Tree House! Our team of passionate cooks absolutely adore going out of their way to make mealtimes a celebration for our guests.

If you’re looking to enjoy a week of healthy eating and vibrant living in beautiful Bali, visit our package page to find out more about our yoga retreats in Bali, surf retreats in Bali, fitness retreats in Bali and healing spa retreats in Bali. Find out more about our incredible packages here, or contact us today to book your stay

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