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Why Book a Last Minute Retreat?

January 1st rolls around. You set aside some time to write out that bucket list or your new goals for the year. You create a vision board to turn to and focus on. Maybe on this list or this vision board you pop a luxury Bali retreat. Maybe its something you have planned to do for a long time, and when the time does roll around to make the booking, you do so with months of lead time, knowing you have something to look forward to later in the year.

Booking a retreat in advance has its perks. Sometimes it is actually cheaper to book in advance and take advantage of early bird specials. Maybe flights are cheaper booked further out. Its also nice to have that special getaway to look forward to on your calendar and can make those tough or stressful times feel more bearable knowing you have a tropical escape tucked up your sleeve!

However, you may be surprised to know that there are also advantages to booking a last minute retreat.

Last minute retreat Bali
Generally, you’re either going to be an early bird or a last minute personality type! You either get to the party/appointment/meeting early or you roll in a few minutes late. Your alarm goes off and you get out of bed, or you hit snooze as many times as you can possibly manage! Same with booking a retreat or getaway. You either plan it out with plenty of time or, time opens on your schedule, the money is in your account and boom, last minute retreat here you come!

Do either of these ring a bell?!

Neither one is ‘better’ than the other either, its different a different mindset or way of being. However, today were sharing with you the benefits of booking a last minute retreat that you may not have thought of before.

In these changing times and this new world of travel, many people who were likely early birds pre-pandemic have also switched to booking closer to the date – whether this is a movie ticket, massage, domestic holiday or international retreat. Booking closer to the date has become far more normal and commonplace in an ever changing world.

Here are the benefits of booking a last minute retreat.

Score Yourself a Deal

Yep. Deals. We did mention above that the early bird catches the worm in terms of securing early bird pricing on retreats, however, what the early birds may not know is that last minute prices are often very lucrative also. These last minute prices may not even be publically available, but upon inquiry you may find yourself with a discounted rate or some extra perks to sweeten the deal.

Have you ever been to the farmers market just before closing time? Stall holders are willing to throw in anything extra that’s left over. Buy a bag of oranges and grab some lemons, choose a bunch of celery and grab a kale for free. These little last minute antics aren’t just reserved for the good old farmers market, they actually exist in many sectors of the commerce marketplace – including retreats.

So, don’t be shy! If a space opens up in your diary and you can escape for a week, reach out and see what last minute retreat deals may be on offer. You never know if you don’t ask!

Zero expectations

Did you start envisioning your wedding when you were 5 years old?! When we have a long time to visualise things and create scenarios and expectations in our heads, sometimes this can actually turn out to be detrimental to the real experience. On retreat, we always plan to over deliver and exceed your expectations. However, turning up on a retreat with very little time to create ideas in your head allows you to really be present and in the moment.

As human beings we tend to navigate towards familiarity rather than spontaneity – especially as we get older! However, think about a time where you have allowed spontaneity to take over and how incredible those experiences can be. Same with a retreat. When you book a last minute retreat, you turn up and are ready to simply be present and allow the week to unfold. There is something very exciting and rewarding about showing up fully open to whatever appears. Get ready for some magic!

Trust your intuition

Humans, we overthink things. We love over-analysing situations. We make pro and con lists. We can talk ourselves out of anything. As women, we have very strong intuition. Yet we second guess it. All. The. Time! If you have the opportunity to book a last minute retreat, if you feel that pull and know deep inside that its what you want or need- then follow it!

There are a million reasons why you can talk yourself out of booking a last minute retreat. However, in our experience, those who book last minute absolutely never ever regret it. Feeling that pull and following through is incredibly liberating and rewarding.

No let downs

As mentioned above, these times we find ourselves in now are different. The world has changed. Travel has changed. The way we book holidays, vacations and retreats is different now than it was 2 years ago.

Have you booked a holiday over the past couple of years that was cancelled? How many plans have you made that have fallen through? Chances are, a lot!

Booking a last minute retreat means no nasty surprises. It means you are most up to date with travel regulations and its easy to navigate the journey with the current information on hand. Book, pack, travel and arrive, its as simple as that without all the guessing games.

Meet your present needs

Sometimes we have guests book a retreat a long way out and by the time the retreat arrives, their needs are different. Perhaps they booked a healing retreat at a difficult time in their life, then 6 months later they arrive and decide a surf retreat is what they feel like now! Or maybe they book a fitness retreat but by the time they arrive all they want to do is rest, relax and enjoy yoga and massage!

Booking a last minute retreat means you book the retreat and retreat package that suits your needs and goals right now. Maybe that means you want a detox retreat. Perhaps you love the sound of relaxation and healing with an Ayurveda retreat. Whatever your current situation is, there is a perfect retreat for you, and booking last minute means meeting those exact needs.

There you have 5 great reasons to book a last minute retreat. Are you ready for some spontaneous travel?!
Every week we have a mix of ladies on retreat and their booking times always vary- whilst some have booked a year or more out, many book 3-6 months out, but then there are always some that join even a week away from the start date. Its not uncommon if women are already in Bali travelling for them to book a day in advance!

We always have the capacity to assist and support you to join us, even with short notice. We also know the advantages of joining a retreat last minute, so we are always ready to help you make it happen when that precious window of opportunity arises.

So, ready to book that last minute retreat and enjoy all these great benefits and more? Contact us here to see what special last minute deals and availability we may have waiting just for you.

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