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Spend a week in tropical paradise cleansing body, mind and soul. The detox package offers you the chance to enjoy a 3-day juice cleanse within your 7-day retreat week, designed to rid your body of stored toxins and give your body a much-needed break in order to rest, repair, replenish and renew! No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, everybody can benefit from a period of cleansing. A period of gentle detox through juice cleansing can help to improve digestion, boost the immune system, let go of stagnant weight, improve clarity and mental functioning, and support the body’s vital organs and functions. Feel your cells come to life as your body transforms and you let go of toxins, negative thoughts, debilitating habits and anything that is holding you back from living a vibrant, radiant and fulfilling life.

Detox on your Bali retreat

Our Detox package at the Palm Tree House is the perfect opportunity to cleanse (physically, emotionally and mentally!), let go of habits that are not serving you, and then transition towards healthier ways of living that support sustainable wellness and radiance.

You have the choice of a 3 day juice cleanse within your 6 night retreat week or a healthy week long plant based detox menu. 

During your 3 day juice cleanse you will receive 3 x delicious juices plus 1 x Chinese herbs each day. Healthy, lightly-cleansing cuisine will also be provided on the days pre and post cleanse.


  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse (includes 3 x Green Juices, 1 x Chinese Herb Tea and broths) or week long plant based Detox menu
  • 1 x integrative Medical Consultation
  • 1 x Colonic
  • 1 x Chinese Cupping
  • 1 x Lymphatic Massage
  • 1 x Green Tea Detox
  • 4 x Group Yoga Classes
  • 4 x 60 minute Spa Treatments

Yoga on your Bali retreat

Yoga is a perfect way to support your detox retreat. 4 classes are included in your week, offered by our wonderful full time yoga teacher who is vastly experienced at catering classes to all levels and needs.

Yoga is renowned for its cleansing abilities- both physically, mentally and emotionally. The practice can help the body to rid unwanted toxins through sweating (the skin is actually the body’s largest organ!) and also through the yoga poses themselves that gently massage and essentially ‘wring out’ the body’s internal organs in a safe and healthful way.

The yoga classes also help to focus your mind and find clarity and balance. They assist you to be in the present moment and blissfully settle into a place of peace and tranquility. Emotionally, yoga can be helpful during a detox journey to allow you to also release old emotions and trauma that may be blocking you or holding you back from living life fully.


  • 4 x group yoga classes lead by our world class celebrated yoga instructors
  • High quality mats, props and refreshments provided
  • Dedicated yoga instructors to help guide you on your retreat week

Spa on your Bali retreat

Another terrific addition to the detox retreat package is spa treatments. You will enjoy four blissful spa treatments of your choosing during the week, on top of the two Lymphatic Drainage massages and the Green Tea Detox Scrub that form part of the detox inclusions. Physically, the spa sessions can help you to release toxins and move stagnant energy in the body. Mentally they can help you to unwind, let go, and find a place of serenity. Emotionally they can also help to nourish and nurture you on a deeper level.

A cleanse can leave you feeling open and vulnerable, and the spa treatments are a lovely way to feel supported and cared for during your week. We are privileged to have an exceptional team of intuitive and experienced female spa therapists who love pampering guests. Spa treatments can be enjoyed in the cool and comfortable privacy of your own room, or by the pool or in a massage room depending on which Palm Tree House you are staying in. Switch off, unwind and enjoy nourishing your body from the outside in!


  • 4 x 60 minute spa treatments
  • Choose from an extensive range of unique treatments
  • Offered by our experienced, professional and friendly therapists

Nourishment on retreat

You can opt to enjoy a 3 day juice cleanse or a 5 day juice cleanse on your 6 night retreat. Each day you will enjoy 8 delicious fresh healthy juices. 

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    The flavours of your juices are:
    • 1 x 500ml Green- Celery, Spinach, Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Lime, Ginger, Mint
    • 1 x 500ml Green- Kale, Cilantro, Celery, Pear, Cucumber & Lemon
    • 1 x 500ml Roots- Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lime, Ginger
    • 1 x 500ml Fruits- Carrot, Apple & Orange
    • 1 x 500ml Citrus- Pineapple, Coconut Water, Orange, Cucumber, Lime
    • 1 x 500ml Almond Milk- Vanilla, Chocolate or Matcha

    On the days pre or post your juice cleanse, you will enjoy healthy, lightly detoxifying meals made fresh in-house by our creative kitchen team. Meals will be designed to assist your cleanse and will be free from meat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar and anything artificial. If you have further dietary requirements we can also cater to your needs.

    Included – Juice Cleanse Days:

    3-day (5 fresh healthy juices and 1 almond milk per day)

    Included – Pre- & Post-Cleanse Days:

    • Daily breakfast
    • Daily lunch (except for sight-seeing days and Saturdays)
    • Daily dinners and dessert (except for 3 dinners where guests can experience the wonderful cafes and restaurants in Canggu)
    • Healthy tasty afternoon snacks
    • Free-flow tea, coffee, filtered water and iced tea
    • Travel snacks for excursion days and airport transfers

    Adventure & Culture

    We love introducing guests to the spirit and magic of Bali. During your stay, you have the opportunity to enjoy several different cultural activities, as well as one optional full-day excursion that allows you to explore more of the beautiful island.

    On the Tuesday you will be whisked away to the dreamy rice-paddy town of Ubud. Explore the gorgeous area and unique arts and craft markets. Experience a traditional Balinese water blessing or dive into a sound healing session at the incredible Pyramids of Chi. Get snap-happy in the Monkey Forest and feast on a delicious lunch at one of our favourite local restaurants.

    On the Thursday you will enjoy a trip to one of Bali’s most famous temples, Tanah Lot. This temple is just 30 minutes away from retreat and is a magnificent temple set in stone on the shoreline of the beach.

    Your week also includes one special Balinese Culture Day which includes a cooking workshop with lunch, a traditional Balinese spirit offering workshop and a traditional Balinese ceremony.


    • 2 x Sightseeing Days
    • Balinese Cooking Class
    • Spirit Offering Workshop and Ceremony
    • All transfers plus water and snacks provided

    Overview of Detox Package

    Each of our Add on Packages include the following:

    • 2 x Sightseeing days. Exploring stunning Ubud with a water blessing at the famous Tirta Empul, followed by sound healing (Tuesday). Later in the week enjoy a trip to one of Bali's most famous temples, Tanah Lot. This temple is just 30 minutes away from retreat and is a magnificent temple set in stone on the shoreline of the beach (Thursday).
    • Cultural workshop on retreat
    • Cooking lesson with our chef on retreat
    • Complimentary Airport Transfers OR hotel transfer (within zone)
    • Host service between 7 AM – 8 PM
    • Beach bicycles available 24 hours a day, including front basket and lock
    • High quality yoga mats and equipment for use
    • Unlimited high speed WIFI
    • DVDs and books available in the shared lounge
    • Movie nook with flat screen tv, Cable TV and plenty of movies
    • Unlimited coffee and tea
    • A fully equipped kitchen and drink station
    • Security stationed outside the villa
    • CCV TV for extra security.
    • Motor Bike (scooter) hire available upon request (additional charge)
    • Local phone available, credit on request (additional charge)
    • Being cared for by a wonderful local Balinese team who will make you feel like family

    Our Detox package includes the following:

    • 3 Day Juice Cleanse or week long plant based Detox menu
    • 1 x integrative Medical Consultation
    • 1 x Lymphatic Massage
    • 1 x Green Tea Detox
    • 4 x Group Yoga Classes
    • 4 x 60 minute Spa Treatments

    Daily Program Example

    Juice cleanse day 1 example

    What you will get:
    5 x fresh juices + 1 almond milk throughout the day

    10am - Nutritional consult
    11:30am - Lymphatic massage
    2pm - Offering making workshop
    2pm - Green tea detox scrub
    5:30pm - Yin yoga

    Each package includes:

    • 1 x Sightseeing day exploring stunning Ubud with a water blessing at the famous Tirta Empul followed by sound healing.
    • Cultural workshop on retreat
    • Cooking lesson with our chef on retreat

    Retreat Outcomes

    • Enlivened, refreshed & thoroughly radiant
    • Energised & uplifted in body, mind & spirit
    • Deeply nourished & reconnected with your inner & higher self
    • Ready to step back into your life with regained vitality, focus & commitment
    • Equipped with the knowledge & skills to support your health long-term
    • Nurtured & fully rejuvenated from a week of unlimited spa treatments
    • Uplifted with a new positive mindset & can-do attitude
    • Grateful for taking the time to prioritise your wellbeing & fill up your cup

    Wellness Rituals

    • Wellness Bathe Rituals: Flower bath (room dependant)
    • Lavender pillow spray
    • Night time chamomile tea
    • Self-love and positive affirmations reminder notes

    Yoga & Mindfulness

    • Our yoga offerings encompass Yin yoga, daily meditation, Vinyasa flow, Hatha yoga, and a variety of yoga practices tailored to cater to individuals ranging from beginners to those at an intermediate level.
    • 4 x Group yoga classes (in total) lead by experienced yoga instructors both inhouse and at nearby yoga shalas
    • High quality mats, props and refreshments provided
    • Dedicated yoga instructors to help guide you on your retreat week

    Spa Treatments

    • 2 x Lymphatic drainage massages
    • 1 x Green tea detox scrub
    • 4 x 60 minute spa treatments
    • Indulge in a captivating selection of 20 exclusive spa treatments to elevate your retreat experience
    • Offered by our experienced, professional and friendly therapists

    Hear from our Guests

    As a first-time solo traveler, I could not have picked a better spot!

    The free pickup from the airport is sooo helpful (especially if its your first time in Bali). Plus they give you a snack box, water, and a cool towel which I loved.

    The staff was exceptionally wonderful, so sweet and accommodating.

    The villa is gorgeous including the rooms, and I loved that it was a smaller group of ladies, which were also so lovely and definitely made my week even more special!

    I chose the detox package and I would again. My main purpose was to get pampered and the spa treatments did just that! Also the juice cleansing was better than expected. You also get Yoga classes and fun activities included.

    The food was really, REALLY good. Very clean, healthy, & delicious.

    The location of the retreat is also great, you’ll find many restaurants and boutique shops/market to explore.

    I completely recommend it, it was a magical week.

    A magical week

    Engy S, Trip Advisor

    6 night/7 day healing retreats inclusive of package inclusions, some meals, sightseeing, yoga, meditation, spa treatments, sightseeing, cooking lesson, cultural workshop and transfers from US$2,194

    *Pricing varies depending on accommodation villa and room type. View all accommodation options here and find details on rates here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is included in the Detox Retreat package?

    The Detox, Yoga & Spa Package offers a 7-day retreat in a tropical paradise, combining a 3-day juice cleanse with yoga, spa treatments, cultural activities, and nourishing cuisine to cleanse body, mind, and soul.

    What does the juice cleanse include, and for how many days?

    The package includes a 3-day juice cleanse, during which you will receive 5 delicious fresh healthy juices and 1 almond milk per day. The cleanse is designed to help rid your body of toxins and rejuvenate your system.

    What types of yoga classes are offered, and who leads them?

    You can enjoy 4 group yoga classes led by world-class celebrated yoga instructors. These classes cater to all levels and provide physical and mental cleansing benefits.

    What spa treatments are included in the package, and how many?

    The package includes four 60-minute spa treatments, on top of two Lymphatic Drainage Massages and a Green Tea Detox Scrub. These spa sessions aid in releasing toxins, promoting relaxation, and nourishing you emotionally.

    What are the inclusions for the Detox, Yoga & Spa Package?

    Your stay includes 6 nights in a luxury boutique villa, unique cultural activities, a flower bath experience (room dependent), meditation sessions, airport transfers, beach bicycles, high-quality yoga mats and equipment, WIFI, and more. The local Balinese team ensures you feel like family during your retreat.

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