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How a Retreat will Enhance your Relationship

Sure, any couple can take off on a Bali holiday, we know that. There would undoubtedly be fun to be had- bintangs by the pool, massages in the hotel, dinner overlooking the ocean. But once the suitcases are unpacked and the tan fades- what do you have left over other than some pretty amusing photos on Instagram?!

Retreats have become a popular way for couples to enjoy all the perks of a holiday, but with greater meaning, depth, intention and purpose. A retreat doesn’t just last the duration of your holiday, the positive effects keep rolling into your daily life once you return home again- you could say, the honeymoon continues!

If you have been on a solo retreat before, you will know that a retreat is a transformative experience. It helps you to grow and let go of anything that has been holding you back in life. A retreat also bonds you closely with the people that you share the experience with. Chances are if you have been on a retreat, you are still in contact with those people- friendships form quickly and last a lifetime, particularly due to the special container and unique atmosphere that a retreat offers. There is a greater level of trust, there is a greater commitment to openness, and there is a willingness to try new things, bare your soul, and let your barriers down.

Enhance your relationship Bali Retreat

When you retreat as a couple, there is so much to gain. Yes, you get to enjoy being in a beautiful location, staying in luxury, enjoying delicious food and switching off from life back home for a while. Regular holidays can be great, but how often do you return a little too sun-kissed, a little too hungover, or perhaps a little out of shape?! Holidays can often be overly indulgent and while letting go and having a good time is perfectly ok, sometimes we return home feeling like we need another holiday just to sleep and recover! Anyone know that feeling?! A retreat gives you all the joy of a holiday with the added benefit of returning home feeling like a million dollars, on top of the world, and glowing from the inside out. Rather than zoning out on the plane on the way home, chances are, you and your partner will be planning your next few months, making action lists, enjoying the energising spark of inspiration and motivation you have to create a beautiful life that is deeply fulfilling, side by side.

Perhaps also as we get older and more mature, holidays are less about happy hour and infinity pools, and more about growing and learning about ourselves, our place in the world, and those we share it with. Maybe it becomes less about going bungee jumping with your partner, and more about sitting down together with the local people, sharing a meal or a meaningful conversation. Or maybe you and your partner just value the same things- good food, staying fit and active, being around like-minded people and utilising your time off to nurture your body, mind and soul. Perhaps you are adventurous and open to trying new things together that you haven’t done before.

There are lots of great reasons why couples should experience a retreat together. Here are our top 8. Share this post with the one you love and start planning your retreat with us!

You’ll enjoy quality time together

Your alarm goes off, you and your partner shower, eat, check emails, race out the door, return home at the end of the day, shower, eat, check emails, go to bed. Urgh- sound familiar?! Even though you may spend a significant amount of time with your partner, how much of that time are you actually connected?! How much time do you spend together without your electronic gadgets? How much time do you spend together without kids around, or neighbours, friends, work colleagues? A retreat offers you quality time. Real time shared together where you can talk, laugh, adventure, share, and tune in to what is actually going on in your lives.

You’ll enjoy solo time apart

The great thing about going on retreat with your partner is that you can also enjoy solo time. While one of you indulges in a massage, the other can have a tarot reading. While one of you enjoys a yoga class, the other can sweat it out in a PT session. While one of you chooses to adventure around town, the other can soak up some sunshine with a book by the pool. A retreat allows couples to enjoy the things that they love by themselves, and still have time to enjoy activities, excursions, meals and plenty of free time side by side. It’s really the best of both worlds!

You’ll try new things together

On a holiday, you tend to fall into the same old patterns and routines that you’re used to and there isn’t anyone there encouraging you to try anything new. On a retreat there are lots of great options for you and your partner to step beyond your boundaries and try something new! Maybe that’s taking your first yoga class together, maybe its horse riding on the beach, maybe it’s taking to the waves with a surfboard! On retreat you get to be one another’s cheerleader and give new things a go. Not only does this help you to face fears and grow individually, it helps you to grow together.

You’ll reconnect to yourself and to one another

One of the most rewarding things about a retreat is the time it allows for self reflection. A retreat is an inspiring experience and the combination of moving your body, eating good food, being in a beautiful place and around good energy and good people helps us to become better versions of ourselves. It offers you time to reconnect with the parts of yourself that you love and that may have been displaced, and it helps you recommit to new goals and priorities in your life. On retreat with your partner, you share this experience side by side, and you observe one another reawaken and come to life. It’s a little like falling in love all over again 😉

You’ll both feel alive and energised

When you spend a week fuelling your body and soul with things like surfing, meditation, massages, time in the ocean, exploring new places, drinking cold fresh coconuts, sharing vibrant meals with new people, sleeping soundly, basking in the sunshine and being taken care of by loving staff, you WILL feel alive and energised! The ‘retreat glow’ isn’t made up- it’s a real thing! In daily life when we are stressed, sleep deprived, eating a poor diet, stuck inside all day, connected to our computers etc, it’s easy for us to feel on edge, and it’s no surprise that arguments pop up easily. When we are taking care of ourselves on every level, we feel unlimited joy and abundance- our own cups are so full that we have so much to give. We become more loving, more patient, more accepting- all of the things that fuel a positive relationship.

You’ll take the time to appreciate one another

Modern life doesn’t allow all that much time for romance, lets face it! Especially if you have children, or run your own business, or any other huge commitment you have going on in your world. It’s easy to feel unappreciated or unnoticed. On retreat, you have the time to enjoy simple things like watching the sunset together, sharing an unrushed meal together, frolicking in the pool or just taking time to lay in each morning. There is time to listen to one another and to see the beauty and gifts that you value in one another. A retreat is a perfect way to rekindle your relationship. Even a short retreat can be far more beneficial than a longer general holiday, because the quality of time shared is so special and potent.

You’ll return home stronger and aligned

A retreat environment inspires greater levels of depth and communication. It opens up space for real conversations and sharing. It allows for those harder emotions to come up to the surface and be dealt with, as opposed to lingering inside of us unresolved. As you grow, let go, de-stress and open up, you come together without any heavy baggage (in an emotional sense!) and can reconnect and walk forwards as a united team again. You have the time to share your dreams and visions, and can find ways to reach them together. Feeling healthier and stronger in body and mind, you can return home with new energy and intentions.

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