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At The Palm Tree House, we pride ourselves on offering you the ‘best of the best’
when it comes to experiencing all that Bali has to offer.

We have a diverse team of spa therapists, cooks, healers, drivers and hosts
that are on hand to help you create your ideal retreat experience.

We love introducing guests to the magical island of Bali and the beauty of the Balinese people and culture. The boutique nature of our retreats enable guests to truly connect with our incredible Balinese team and learn more about the Balinese ways of life. From cooking classes to spirit offering making to excursions around the island and more, experiencing the best of Bali is part of every stay at The Palm Tree House. Guests leave with a new Balinese family and place to call home.

Sightseeing on Your Bali Retreat

Every 7-day retreat at The Palm Tree House offers you to opportunity to explore a little further afield and get a greater taste and experience of this special island as well as the beautiful spirit and culture of the Balinese people.

Every Thursday at The Palm Tree House you are invited to join the weekly outing to Ubud. Ubud is around a 1½-hour drive from retreat, located north towards the middle of the island and is well known for its beautiful natural surroundings, rice field terraces, shops, markets, culture and focus on healing. This of course is where the famous Eat, Pray, Love movie was filmed! This day excursion is optional, yet tends to be a highlight for guests and is a wonderful way to see and experience more of Bali beyond Canggu. You will have a driver with you for the whole day and be escorted in air conditioned comfort.

On this special day you will have the chance to experience some of Ubud’s best kept secrets. Start your day with a very special and unique sound healing session in incredible man-made pyramids. Sound and vibration are one of the most powerful tools for healing. The experience guides you into an effortless state of relaxation, assisting you to feel, heal and release. The process is as scientific as it is mysterious! Prepare to be amazed!

You will enjoy a delicious lunch at a VIP ‘beach club in the jungle!’ Select your lunch or drinks from an extensive menu of Western and Indonesian options. You may also choose to enjoy a cool dip in the beautiful pool and take in the  views of Ubud’s lush wild scenery. Please note lunch and pool access is at your own cost.

Spend the afternoon wandering about at your leisure- You can visit the nearby temples, find yourself a bargain in the maze of colourful market stalls, or wander amidst the shops which offer plenty of options from beautiful silver jewellery to yoga clothes to more boutique clothing and homewares. The perfect place to find something special to take back home with you.

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Culture on Your Bali Retreat

Your week also includes one special Balinese Culture Day. On Monday’s at The Palm Tree House you are welcome to join the staff and dive into some traditional Balinese cultural activities. These activities are entirely optional, however we do find that guests love these special afternoons and walk away from their time in Bali knowing a little more about the fascinating culture and beautiful rituals that make the island so unique.

“The best way to experience a culture is to taste it.” Bali is well known and loved for its delicious flavours and fragrant cuisine. Enjoy spending time in the kitchen with one of our experienced Palm Tree House chefs as you explore the unique ingredients and whip up a few tasty dishes to sample. Expect Balinese favourites such as spicy sambal and tasty Nasi Goreng.

One of the most striking things about Balinese culture is the daily offerings. The offerings are made and given to please the gods and the demons, and also provide good.

karma. These simple handmade daily offerings, known as Canang Sari, are filled with colourful flowers. The colours and the placement of the flowers all have different symbolic meanings. Enjoy the opportunity to make your very own Canang Sari offering with your Balinese hosts.

With your own unique offering in hand, you will then travel to witness the spectacular Tanah Lot temple at sunset. Tanah Lot is a 16th century Balinese temple built about 50 metres offshore on a large rock which at high tide makes it appear to float in the ocean.

At low tide, you can approach the temple for a traditional Balinese blessing. You can place your offering at the temple as a gift to the Gods. This is a powerful way to let go of anything you wish, or set new intentions. The view from Tanah Lot temple at sunset is nothing less than extraordinary and certainly worth experiencing when in Bali.

*Please note that package inclusions vary depending on length of stay. The sightseeing day to Ubud is set on Thursday and the culture day is set on Monday, so shorter stays may miss these events

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