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The Palm Tree House was born from our award-winning ‘big sister’ retreat Escape Haven.

Escape Haven has operated for over a decade and has welcomed over 10,000 wonderful women to retreat in style and luxury in breathtaking Bali. There are a few key differences between The Palm Tree House and Escape Haven. Both retreats do cater primarily to women (with the exception of the pop-up couples retreats at The Palm Tree House). Both retreats offer the same packages- surf, yoga, fitness, Ayurveda, detox and Pilates, yet with different inclusions. Both retreats are based in beautiful Canggu, Bali.

Finally, both retreats aim to offer an inviting and inspiring place for women to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. For the key differences that set the two sister retreats apart, we will dive into those in a little more detail to help you to discover which retreat is ideal for you.

Retreat Features

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The pinnacle of Escape Haven is luxury. Since 2008, Escape Haven has received over 20 prestigious international awards and has remained the number one Bali Retreat on Trip Advisor for the past 7 years with more 5 star reviews than any other Bali retreat. Escape Haven has the largest, most luxurious retreat property of all retreats in Bali with extensive grounds, a custom-built yoga studio and beautiful spa treatment rooms, a salt-water lagoon-style swimming pool, sauna and ice bath and plenty of luxury perks. Every single element of the retreat has been meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of luxury and service.

Set Retreat Dates

At Escape Haven, retreat dates are set and run from Saturday to Friday every week of the year. All retreats are 6 nights/7 days and have a more distinct schedule that at The Palm Tree House. The same group of women share the full retreat week together which enables beautiful bonds to form. Guests share their own unique experience, but alongside the same group of women for the full duration of the week.


Escape Haven is an all-inclusive retreat and the retreat packages do have a significant number of wonderful inclusions. All retreat packages (aside from the wellness package) have unlimited spa treatments, and packages contain unique experiences and perks such as a Mt Batur hike in the fitness package and a special boat adventure and reef break surf in the surfing package! With unlimited spa sessions and more inclusions, this does mean that schedules are quite full, and there is not quite as much free time as there is at The Palm Tree House. However, everything is always optional and nothing is mandatory, so while schedules can be busy and times are a little more set, guests still have the opportunity to curate their week just as they please.


Escape Haven is run by both a Western and Balinese team of staff. There are over 50 employees that work together to make Escape Haven a seamless operation! Western hosts are onsite all week long and assist guests to plan their week, and also enjoy meal times with the guests. Every single staff member has been hand selected and are all highly qualified in their fields. With therapeutic chefs, highly trained spa therapists and a western host team, all staff members are professional and their passion and dedication allows them to each excel in what they do. The service and staff are a highlight every week and guests often stay in touch with the staff long after they leave.


At Escape Haven, all meals are included in the retreat except for two dinners where you are invited to explore and indulge in some of the wonderful cuisine around Canggu. Meals are often a buffet experience where guests can select from various choices of delicious meals created and beautifully presented by our experienced, highly trained and passionate chefs and kitchen team. Ingredients are sourced locally and all meals are made from scratch.


Of course, with greater luxury, abundant inclusions and a large team of Western and Balinese staff, Escape Haven retreats are a higher price point than The Palm Tree House. Retreat prices start from $2595USD for a 6 night stay on the Wellness Package. With different packages and accommodation choices, there are lots of different options that suit a range of budgets. For those looking for an absolute all-out luxurious Bali retreat experience, Escape Haven is ideal, and the private Jacuzzi suite is a favorite of guests looking for that absolute indulgent escape! It is a truly rewarding, memorable, enjoyable and life-changing experience and while for many, the luxurious nature of the retreat makes it a trip of a lifetime, many guests do also opt to return year after year.

These are the main differences between the two retreats. Escape Haven is luxurious, all-inclusive and offers absolute indulgence on every level. The Palm Tree House was born from the desire to offer something different – something that was more flexible and with plenty of options to allow all women the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating retreat in tropical paradise.

Why not experience both!

If you’re still undecided, why not enjoy both Escape Haven and The Palm Tree House. Many of our guests love coming to enjoy a week at Escape Haven, followed by a stay at The Palm Tree House.

Enquire with us for special offers and pricing if you wish to experience both retreats – it really is the best of both worlds!

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