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5 Reasons Why You Will Love Canggu Bali

Canggu has certainly popped itself on the map in recent years. Whilst many people only a decade ago came to Bali with a Seminyak, Ubud or Kuta map in hand, Canggu is now one of the most popular and loved places on the island, and for good reason.

Canggu has everything you want from your Bali adventure- Balinese culture, beautiful nature, great surf, amazing food, plenty of spa and massage options, shopping galore, fitness and yoga options and plenty of space to simply explore on your own terms.

We know our ladies love coming on their Canggu retreat and a highlight is always getting to know this lovely beachside town a little more.

Here are 5 of the top reasons you will love Canggu

Food in Canggu

Ah yes, What better reason to come to Bali than the food?! Canggu is hands down the best place in Bali (maybe the world!) when it comes to cuisine. One of the incredible things about the food scene in Canggu is that it is so diverse. Canggu is a melting pot of inspiration so food flavours cover everything from traditional Balinese to gourmet Italian to authentic Japanese and everything in between! Within walking distance from the Palm Tree House alone you can find a Copenhagen cafe with the best cinnamon buns on the planet, a Hawaiian poke cafe, a vegan Balinese restaurant, pancakes and rosti, cute little morning coffee haunts and more.

In the wellness world, Canggu is most typically known for its incredible array of vegan, vegetarian and healthy cafes. Cafes like The Shady Shack, Samadi Cafe, Give and The Secret Spot are well known for their abundant and exotic healthy meals, served up with a smile. If you’re here for a Canggu retreat, you’ll likely get to know a few of these ones well!

For those who prefer keto or paleo styles of eating there are also plenty of options with a few favourites being Motion Cafe, the Avocado Factory and Milk and Madu. You’ll easily find lots of high protein, low sugar combos and don’t miss the protein waffles (sweet and savoury options) at Motion which are their most popular menu item by a long shot!

From outstanding locally grown coffee to long-fermented sourdough bread to traditional Balinese local produce and flavours, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in this fodder-lover’s beachside town.

Food in Canggu - best cafes Bali

Beaches in Canggu

Speaking of beaches, Canggu of course is likely most well known for its local black sand beaches and incredible surf breaks that are suitable for both beginners and the more advanced water-holic.

If you love catching waves and frolicking in the salty white wash, you will be right at home in Canggus famous surf beach, Echo Beach. If you love catching a sunrise or sunset with a long beach walk, you can also easily walk between Echo Beach and Batu Bolong Beach or even further along to Berawa beach at low tide.

After your surf session or beach wander, you can pop into one of the cute little beach shacks on the sand for a cold coconut and take in the sights. No Canggu retreat is complete without soaking up Bali’s beautiful sunshine and salty waters.

Don’t miss a sunset from Echo Beach- they are world renowned and will stay with you long after your suntan fades away!

Beaches, Canggu Bali

Shopping in Canggu

While Seminyak used to be the go-to place to shop on your Bali retreat, now Canggu has surpassed its bigger sister and is an absolute favourite for some retail therapy. Whether you’re visiting solo or on a Canggu retreat, make sure you leave a little room in your bag for the goodies you’ll likely come back home with!

If you’re on the hunt for elegant homewares, Canggu is your place. If you’re looking for boutique designer stores, Canggu has you covered. If you’re looking for fun Bali-esque gifts to take home that are funky and cute as opposed to trashy and lame, Canggu is ideal! From designer jeans to Bali kaftans, fairtrade gifts to local pottery, beautiful mala necklaces to stunning gold attire- you’ll find everything and more.

There is plenty of shopping within easy walking distance during your Canggu retreat from The Palm Tree House. As well as shops there are also local markets that have a great range of local products. La Brisa’s Sunday market is always a highlight that we recommend to guests where you will find everything from mouthwatering food to locally made skincare to clothing, jewellery and more.

If you’re on the hunt for anything specific, let us know- we will know the perfect place to take you!

Bali retreat - Shopping in Canggu

Day spas in Canggu

While you will enjoy plenty of beautiful spa treatments on your Canggu retreat at The Palm Tree House, the town also has a plethora of wonderful day spas that you may also like to explore.

From traditional Balinese massages, to exotic gold facials, to the perfect manicure and pedicure, you’re sure to leave with radiant skin, glowing eyes, luxurious locks and no muscular knot left undone!

Some of our favourite day spas that we love to recommend to guests include Spring Spa, Therapy, COMO Uma Canggu and Gold Dust

Of course, while in Bali it would be a crime not to indulge in numerous spa treatments! The quality and price are unparalleled, so make sure you make time to treat yourself, otherwise you’ll get home and wonder why you didn’t take greater advantage of it all!

Bali Retreat - Day Spa Canggu

Yoga in Canggu

Yoga put Canggu on the map several years ago. While Ubud has long been heralded as the yoga capital of Bali, Canggu now gives Ubud a run for its (yogi!) money. In Canggu you’ll find every style of yoga you can possibly ask for, and more. Regular classes such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin are all commonplace, along with some not so common classes such as acro yoga, aerial yoga, Vin Yin, goddess yoga, sun and moon yoga, tantric yoga and more.

Some of the most revered yoga studios and schools that we recommend are The Practice, Samadi Yoga, Radiantly Alive, Udara and Serenity Yoga.

As well as regular classes, you’ll also find a wide range of yoga workshops, holistic trainings, full moon circles, ecstatic dance and other movement and wisdom based classes popular in the wide and diverse world of yoga.

If you join us for a Canggu retreat with a yoga package, you’ll have the chance to explore some of these great yoga studios during your retreat week too.

Shopping for yoga clothing will also be easy with famous stores such as Divine Goddess, WEAR and Indigo Luna having several locations around town.

Bali Retreat - Yoga Canggu

Ready to experience all that Canggu has to offer?

Canggu really does have everything you’re seeking and more on a Bali retreat or Bali holiday. The town itself is small enough to easily get around on food, bicycle or scooter, but also expansive enough to easily keep you occupied and entertained for your time away.

The other incredible thing about doing a Canggu retreat is that Canggu has something for everyone. If you’re seeking nature, spas, time to unwind, do yoga and relax, or if you’re seeking a more active holiday with fitness, surfing, even hitting the dance floor come sundown- Canggu suits all tastes and preferences.

Despite it being a melting pot of people, flavours, sights and nationalities, Canggu still very much holds onto its Bali charm. As you explore you will see temples, spirit offerings on the footpaths, rice fields and plenty of smiling local faces. This is one of the main things that makes Canggu so special- you have access to the worlds best food, spas, beaches and shops, but still feel very much immersed within the magic of Bali and Balinese culture.

Join us for a Canggu yoga retreat

Join us for a Canggu retreat at The Palm Tree House. The freedom and flexibility of your retreat means you have plenty of retreat inclusions and a gorgeous space to call home with a team of staff ready to support you, but it also means that you can explore Canggu as you please and take yourself on any adventures you feel called to. Find out more about our Canggu yoga retreat.

Contact us here with any questions or if you’d like more information.

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