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Why Now is the Best Time for a Bali Retreat

The airport is open, direct flights are back, visa on arrival has been reinstated and all over the globe, tourists are able to visit Bali again. After 2 long years of no international tourists, this is a very exciting time for Bali and the Balinese people and you can feel the enthusiasm and anticipation in the air.

Of course, whilst this is great news for Bali, it is also great news for you! For everyone reading this blog around the world that is also excited at the prospect of escaping for a long-awaited Bali wellness retreat.

There are always lots of great reasons why to go on a Bali retreat. However, this blog explains why now in particular is the perfect time for you to book that retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

Why now is the best time for a Bali retreat…

Surf Retreat Bali

Explore Bali whilst it’s quiet

Bali is a very special place to be right now. While tourism in Bali is open again, it is still relatively quiet, meaning the roads are quiet and all of the iconic and incredible sights, temples and experiences that are on the ‘must-do’ Bali checklist are still quiet. Imagine hiking up a volcano and only sharing the view with a handful of people. Imagine seeing Bali’s most incredible temples and waterfalls and being immersed in the stillness and silence as you take it all in without hundreds of others. Imagine getting that perfect photo without having to line up in queues. Imagine getting around the island in no time out all with no traffic delays! For anyone that always wishes they visited Bali before tourism really took off- you have a limited window to experience this right now!

Connect with new people

Isolation, border closures, quarantine. We’re all pretty over it, right?! Many people got so used to being isolated, that being around others now feels a little foreign? However, we are social creatures. We need to be around others to thrive. Did you know that being in community, having close friendships and being around other people can actually increase your lifespan by up to 7 years?! Coming on a Bali retreat at The Palm Tree House offers you the best of both worlds. The boutique nature of retreats means there are only ever a handful of women to share your retreat experience with. So, you can ease back into socialization gently! Enjoy meeting like minded women from all over the world but without the big group size. The intimate nature of the retreat means you can really get to know people and open up- this is something very special and very important after two years that have been solitary in nature.

Be Pampered!

Spa treatments, massage, beauty treatments- many of these special services experienced a long hiatus during the pandemic. Did you know though that these types of nurturing and nourishing therapies are more of a necessity than they are a luxury?! You are deserving of this time to rest, relax and be deeply cared for. Massage and other spa treatments have a plethora of benefits that are incredible for both your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Never feel guilty relaxing with a massage, facial or hair treatment! These little gifts are so soothing for the soul and really are a highlight of any Bali retreat. Good news- spa treatments are included in all retreats at The Palm Tree House! Find out more here.

Boost your physical wellbeing

Too many back to back weeks of netflix and uber eats is enough to leave anyone feeling less than fabulous! Whilst all over the world many people did embrace working out in the living room and rolling out their yoga mat in their bedroom (maybe you included?!) there is certainly no better time than now to give your physical wellbeing a bit of extra love and attention. No matter what retreat package you choose at the Palm Tree House- all of them will support your physical wellbeing. The different packages offer options including yoga classes, surf lessons, Pilates classes, fitness sessions and are suited to all levels and designed to meet your goals. Furthermore, activities such as hiking up Mt Batur, cycling through Ubud, snorkelling with Manta Rays or wandering around the beautiful temples, beaches and shops- all of these sightseeing adventures are also a great way to stay physically active!

Experience culture and diversity

There’s nothing that lights us up as humans more than new sights, new experiences and new cultures. Being immersed in a foreign land with new faces, new flavours, new sights and aromas- these stir our senses and make us feel truly alive. After two years of being confined to our own countries (or even our own homes), getting out into the world again and basking in all that there is to see and do and experience is so important and so nourishing for the spirit. Our guests time and time again share with us that the highlight of their retreat is always experiencing the Balinese culture and Balinese people. There is so much magic in the Balinese ways of life, and the people truly are so giving, loving and special. If you’re feeling in need of some new inspiration and to experience that child-like awe that comes with new adventures and new beginnings, now is the perfect time to indulge in a Bali retreat.

Support your mental wellbeing

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, burn out- these are all common mental health issues that people all over the world are grappling with. Post-pandemic numbers are higher than ever before and taking time out to unwind, de-stress and come back to balance is so essential right now. On your Bali retreat at the Palm Tree House, you have the opportunity to relax with daily yoga and meditation classes onsite with our full time yoga teacher. With over 25 spa treatments on offer, you can unwind with a plethora of massage options, facials, Ayurveda treatments and specialized holistic services. Even just taking time out to relax by the pool, indulge in a flower bath, savour long sleep in’s and have the chance to connect and share with like-minded women- all of these daily retreat experiences are so nourishing for our mental wellbeing. Best of all, you can surrender completely knowing you are in the safe hands of our experienced, qualified and loving Bali retreat team who are on hand 24/7 to take care of your every need and wish.

Kickstart new healthy habits

This is always a great bonus of retreat! However right now, as we are stepping back intot the world and establishing new routines and new goals, this is a perfect time to take all the inspiration and motivation from your Bali retreat and step back into daily life feeling confident and well equipped to thrive. While there are certainly no 5am alarms or restrictive menus on retreat, days start naturally early as the Balinese sunshine appears around 6.30am and delicious yet healthy food choices abound, making it easy for you to sync with natural circadian rhymes and nourish your body with natural abundant fuel! Getting into wellness routines with daily yoga and meditation, getting to sleep at a decent time each night, enjoying new fitness and movement options such as surf, Pilates or even taking advantage of the luxury gym all inspire great new habits to continue when you land. We always say that the positive effects of retreat last long after your suntan fades! So if you’re seeking a way to reestablish routines and rediscover the most vibrant, glowing, confident version of you, a Palm Tree House retreat might just be the answer to get you on track.

Reconnect and Refocus

Life has certainly been unpredictable the last two years. Chances are you’ve made many plans that had to be cancelled and right now you may not be where you had ‘planned’ on being prior to the pandemic. When we operate in a state of ‘flight or fight’ for a prolonged period of time, it can feel hard to connect back into ourselves on a deeper level and to trust our intuition and inner voice. Taking time out for yourself on a Bali retreat is the perfect safe space to reconnect with yourself and allow time and space for you to feel into what’s next on your journey. Finally we are at a place where we can start to make plans and hit go again! No more waiting! This is the time to start living again, to follow those big dreams and to not let fear hold us back from pursuing that which makes us feel alive. Doing activities such as surfing, opening up to new people, experiencing a new location, trying things you’ve never tried before- all of these are incredibly good for building our self esteem and self confidence. Often, huge realisations arise on retreat for guests and many women leave ready to embark on the next chapter of their journey. If you’re ready for that new chapter to begin, let’s book your dates in!

You can find out more about our Bali retreat packages here and our dates and rates here. Retreats run every week of the year and you can check in anytime.

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