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One of the very special defining characteristics of The Palm Tree House is our staff. We are so proud of our Balinese-led team that make each and every guest feel like family. On your boutique Bali retreat, you are able to enjoy a close connection with your host team- you have your own retreat cook that prepares meals right in front of you in the kitchen. You have a dedicated guest relations manager that welcomes you and helps you create and customize your schedule so your retreat week is everything you dream of and more. You have a private driver collect you from the airport and transport you to retreat, as well as take you and your fellow retreat guests on sightseeing adventures around the island. The butlers, housekeeping team, security and spa team are all on hand to care for you and make your week both enjoyable and memorable. The Palm Tree House is about family and The Palm Tree House is your Bali home away from home.

Manik, General Manager The Palm Tree House Bali

Manik, General Manager

Manik, our operations manager, has been with our founder Janine since the very beginning, 14 years ago. Of course, that makes her everybody’s go-to person because she has the answers for everything! Manik is Balinese born and raised, however she also spent time in the United States, which she looks back on lovingly as a transformative and inspiring time in her life. She is now married with two beautiful children, one of them named Keanu after her Hollywood ideal Keanu Reeves! Manik adores entertaining people with her jokes and laughter and is best known for her bright lipsticks, beautiful dresses, high energy and unwavering smile. A lover of garlic bread and Beyonce, Manik still calls Ubud her favourite place to be where she can immerse herself in the peace and tranquility of her home village.

Itha Spa Therapist The Palm Tree House Bali

Itha, Spa Therapist

Not only is Itha a master of her craft with six years of experience, but she also has a unique talent for creating a serene and joyful atmosphere. Her calm and peaceful nature, combined with her friendly and lovely personality, instantly puts guests at ease. However, there’s an unexpected twist to Itha’s character: she has a fantastic sense of humor! Her ability to infuse laughter and lightheartedness into the spa experience adds an extra dose of enjoyment and relaxation for our guests. With Itha’s expertise and delightful personality, every spa session becomes a truly memorable and rejuvenating journey.

Mariska Spa Therapist the Palm Tree House Bali

Mariska, Spa Therapist

Meet Mariska, our hilarious and talented spa therapist at Palm Tree House! With seven years of experience, she’s a comedic genius known for infusing humor into every interaction. From witty remarks to hilarious anecdotes, Mariska keeps guests entertained and laughing during their spa experience. Despite her humor, she’s also refreshingly honest and straightforward, offering valuable insights with a touch of wit. Prepare for a rejuvenating and laughter-filled time with Mariska, the perfect blend of humor, honesty, and expertise. You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a lighter heart!

Yulie, Butler the Palm Tree House Bali

Yulie, Butler

Meet Yulie, our beloved butler at Palm Tree House! With 5 years of experience in luxury hotels and villas, Yulie brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for hospitality. With a heart radiating love and a perpetual smile, Yulie embodies warmth and kindness. She believes her job is a labor of love, as she has the privilege of giving and receiving love every day.
With a heart radiating love and a perpetual smile, Yulie embodies warmth and kindness. She believes her job is a labor of love, as she has the privilege of giving and receiving love every day.
Yulie cherishes creating meaningful connections with women from around the world, learning from their experiences and making a positive impact in their lives. Behind her kind nature lies a strong character and assertiveness that ensure exceptional service. And don’t be fooled by her seriousness; Yulie has a fantastic sense of humor that can lighten any atmosphere.
During your stay at Palm Tree House, Yulie will warmly embrace you with her infectious smile. Her dedication and ability to connect with guests make her an integral part of our unforgettable experience. Get ready for a delightful journey filled with laughter, love, and meaningful connections, guided by Yulie’s genuine warmth and kindness!

Kadek, Butler the Palm Tree House Bali

Kadek, Butler

Meet Kadek Nova, one of our favorite butlers at Palm Tree House that has been working with us for 5 years! Kadek is originally from Tabanan, in central-south Bali. He is a friendly, kind-hearted and genuine person who loves caring for guests and making sure every need is met.
He is always there to welcome guests and share his top tips on where to go and what to do in Canggu. He has wonderful attention to detail and is incredibly organised and efficient, which helps everything on retreat run smoothly. In his spare time, Kadek loves playing badminton and going fishing.

Oka, Butler the Palm Tree House Bali

Oka, Butler

Meet Oka, our energetic and hilarious butler at Palm Tree House Women’s Wellness Retreat! With a vibrant personality, Oka brings contagious liveliness to our retreat. Her witty remarks and jokes keep everyone entertained and smiling.
Oka’s easy-going nature and lightning-fast work pace make her an invaluable asset. She ensures smooth operations, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the retreat experience.
When Oka is around, laughter and joy fill the air. Her delightful presence adds an extra spark to your stay, making it an unforgettable and laughter-filled journey. Prepare to be energized and entertained by Oka’s humor and quick wit throughout your wellness retreat!

Devi, Cook the Palm Tree House Bali

Devi, Cook

Devi, our talented cook, has been an integral part of Escape Haven and Palm Tree House for 9 years. Starting as an intern and working her way up from a daily worker to a butler and eventually taking charge of the kitchen, Devi’s journey reflects her dedication and passion for culinary excellence.
Devi’s sense of humor keeps everyone entertained, with her quick wit and humorous remarks creating a lively atmosphere. Her confident yet easy-going nature makes each mealtime delightful. Infusing her dishes with bold flavors and her unique touch, Devi’s culinary artistry reflects her passion and principles.
Prepare for Devi’s opinionated yet humorous presence in the kitchen. Her confident and easy-going nature will make every meal memorable. Get ready to savor delicious food infused with Devi’s character, adding an extra dash of humor and flavor to your wellness retreat!

Tari, Cook the Palm Tree House Bali

Tari, Cook

Meet Tari, Our Delightful and Funny Cook at Palm Tree House Women’s Wellness Retreat!
With 10 years of experience in the culinary world, Tari is not only a master in the kitchen but also a constant source of laughter and joy. Her infectious sense of humor and charming personality create a pleasant and lighthearted atmosphere during mealtime.
In Tari’s presence, warmth and happiness surround you. Her genuine laughter and radiant smile uplift everyone’s spirits. With her cheerful disposition, Tari effortlessly infuses her delicious dishes with her delightful character.
Prepare to be entertained by Tari’s humor and lovely presence in the kitchen. Her easy-going nature and knack for making people laugh will make every mealtime memorable and joyful. Get ready to indulge in mouthwatering dishes while basking in the delightful aura created by Tari’s infectious laughter and cheerful spirit throughout your wellness retreat!

Yudi, Housekeeping the Palm Tree House Bali

Yudi, Housekeeping

Meet Yudi, Our Easy-Going and Heart-Driven Housekeeping Marvel at Palm Tree House Women’s Wellness Retreat!
Did you know that Yudi, our talented housekeeping team member, is not only easy-going but also works with his heart? It’s true! Yudi’s laid-back nature brings a sense of ease to the retreat, while his unwavering work ethic ensures every detail is taken care of.
Yudi’s flexibility and passion make him a valuable asset to our team. He approaches every task with dedication, going above and beyond to ensure exceptional service. His heart-driven approach shines through in every aspect of his housekeeping duties.
When you stay at Palm Tree House, rest assured that Yudi will create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere with his easy-going demeanor and wholehearted efforts. Prepare to be impressed by Yudi’s hardworking spirit as he creates a haven of cleanliness and comfort for you to enjoy during your wellness retreat!

Intan, Housekeeping the Palm Tree House Bali

Intan, Housekeeping

Meet Intan, Our Hilarious and Diligent Housekeeping Superstar at Palm Tree House Women’s Wellness Retreat!
Did you know that Intan, our talented housekeeping team member, is a master of cleanliness and humor? It’s true! Intan’s witty dark jokes bring laughter to the retreat, while her exceptional work ethic ensures every room is immaculate.
Intan’s greatness extends beyond her humor. With meticulous attention to detail, she exceeds expectations and takes immense pride in her work. Not only that, but she genuinely loves her job and finds joy in helping others.
During your stay at Palm Tree House, you can rely on Intan’s stellar service and lighthearted nature. Her humor and dedication will bring an extra dose of cheer and cleanliness to your wellness retreat. Prepare to be amazed by her hilarious jokes and impeccable work ethic as she adds outstanding hospitality to your stay!

Agung, Housekeeping the Palm Tree House Bali

Agung, Housekeeping

Meet Agung, Our Efficient and Helpful Housekeeping Extraordinaire at Palm Tree House Women’s Wellness Retreat!
Agung, our dedicated housekeeping team member, embodies responsibility and efficiency. With his proactive nature and fast-paced approach, he ensures every corner of the retreat is spotless. Despite his reserved demeanor, Agung’s helpfulness knows no bounds. He’s always ready to assist with extra towels, personal belongings, and special requests.
During your stay at Palm Tree House, rely on Agung’s exceptional service. His reliable presence and attention to detail will leave a lasting impression, enhancing your retreat experience. With Agung’s dedication to perfection and caring demeanor, expect a rejuvenating and tranquil atmosphere throughout your stay.

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