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5 Reasons to Say YES to a Yoga Retreat

When we think of going on a retreat, it often feels like an indulgent experience that may rest at the top of our ‘want-to’ list, but isn’t necessarily at the top of our ‘must-do’ list! Taking care of the larger responsibilities, obligations and commitments in our lives often steals away most of our brain power, energy and often, financial resources. For many people, it’s only when they reach the point of burnout, that they finally understand the importance and value of real time out.

Gifting ourselves that beneficial time to unwind and reconnect on a regular basis is life changing, and also positively impacts the lives of those around us. The truth is, we need these moments of self-care and indulgence to be able to give to others and to show up fully in our lives.

Here are 5 more reasons why you should say YES to a yoga retreat!

5 Reasons to say yes to a Yoga Retreat

De-Stress and Unwind

We live in a world where stress and hustle is often part of everyday life. Did you know that 8 in 10 adults admit to feeling stress on a daily basis?! In our day to day life it can be challenging to really let go and disconnect. On a yoga retreat- this is your main job! You have absolute permission to relax and do what feels most nurturing for you. Take time to soak up some sunshine by the pool, enjoy pampering spa treatments and blissful massages, dive into yoga and meditation, and allow yourself to just let go. Leave your laptop at home and switch off your mobile and trust that the world will run quite smoothly without you for the duration that you are away! You won’t believe how different you look and feel after a week of proper rejuvenation.

See the World

Travel opens us up and teaches us in so many unique ways. Travel is good for our soul and immersing ourselves in a fascinating new land and culture is both eye-opening and riveting. The new and foreign surroundings make you feel alive; all of your senses experience the world anew and what you see, taste, hear, smell and touch bring you into the present moment. In new locations we think differently, we dream differently, we can see things in a new light, we gain perspective and we become grateful. In a new environment we are more likely to try new things and we rediscover that childlike fascination that comes with experiencing something for the first time. The memories, inspiration and lessons we gain on a yoga retreat last a lifetime.

Reconnect with YOU

We have many relationships in our life that we nurture, and yet, we tend to spend very little time on the most important relationship -the one with our self! When you go on a yoga retreat, you are momentarily stepping away from the people in your life that define you. In the absence of these familiar reflections, you are invited to listen to the deeper voice that exists within you. A retreat is always a brilliant catalyst for change and self-discovery. Time away on a yoga retreat can reawaken your deepest passions and goals that may have been disregarded or misplaced along your life journey. Retreats are transformational in nature, and while they reawaken these dormant voices and dreams, they also provide you with the courage and strength to return home and make changes that better support you and your life path.

Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone

A yoga retreat also offers wonderful physical benefits too. If your goal on retreat is to perhaps move your body, get back on track physically, and challenge your body in new ways, then a yoga retreat offers you a supportive space to do so. Daily classes inspire you and motivate you to move in new ways, breathe deeply, sweat, shine and see real results! A yoga retreat also goes hand in hand with vibrant healthy food, time immersed in nature, deep rejuvenating sleep and daily meditations. Working with experienced teachers in small groups ensures plenty of one on one instruction so that you can gain skills to take back home with you. A yoga retreat also opens you up to experience new styles of yoga- from Ariel Yoga to Yoga Nidra, to Vinyasa, Yin or Kundalini. A week of inspired movement and breathwork is the perfect impetus to keep you motivated and on track when you return home again.

Gain Perspective and Step Forwards

What many people don’t realize is that a yoga retreat not only benefits you, but benefits those you love and those around you. The more we give to ourselves, the more we can give to others. When you run on empty, you have little to offer anyone and everything in life feels overwhelming and unchangeable. By taking time to fully rejuvenate and restore your mind, body and soul, you will be astounded at the abundant energy you have for everything else in your life. Going on a yoga retreat is the perfect way to hit the reset button and set new goals and intentions to get really clear one what you want (or don’t want) in life. Returning home, you will feel more dedicated to prioritizing the things that truly bring you joy and contentment.

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